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How To Fix Missing iOS 14 Messages Notifications on iPhone

Missing iOS 14 Messages Notifications

On the one hand, Apple has upgraded its iMessage app for iPhone users as they added many new emojis and chat functions to better use Apple’s message service. But at the same time, many iOS users were annoyed with missing notification messages on iOS 14.

Initially, the error was only occurring on the iPhone 12 series, but it seems like the missing iOS 14 messages notification error has spread to other iPhone models. Everyone hoped that Apple would fix it with the new iOS 14.3, but the update doesn’t set the issue. Don’t worry; you are not the only one. There are many other iOS 14 users are facing the same message alert problem. Let’s try out some workarounds!

iOS 14 Missing Messages Notification Issue on iPhone Solutions

Method #1: Check Silent Mode

Many users complained about this issue on the Apple support forum, and some users noted that if your iPhone is in silent mode, the text notification is not working correctly. So try to activate the normal mode to work iMessage notification properly.

Method #2: Disconnect Apple Watch

According to some users, this iMessage notification error is encountering some iPhone connected to Apple Watch. So try to disconnect your iPhone from the Apple Watch, and it will work fine.

Method #3: Turn OFF Filter Unknown Senders

You can also try this solution to fix the notification issue. To do that, launch the Settings App > Messages > Scroll down and turn toggle next to the Filter Unknown Senders option.

Method #4: Reset iMessage

If you have tried the above methods and it didn’t work for you, you can also try this method to make it work without any problem. This process will refresh the entire iMessage app on your iPhone and get every sender’s every notification. To do that, open the Settings app> Messages > and disable iMessage. Now you have to reboot your iPhone and then again activate the iMessages app.

Method #5: Use Apple Watch

The notifications are not showing or receiving on the iPhone for some users, but it is still showing alerts on the connected Apple Watch. If you have Apple Watch, try to connect it with your iPhone and get every notification on your Apple Watch.

Method #6: Check for Update

As many user complaints about the messages notification error on iPhone, Apple noticed the issue and aware of it. Hence, we can also expect this bug fix on the next iOS 14 upgrade. So keep your eyes on the Software Update as Apple release a new upgrade anytime to fix the iMessage missing notification error.

Final Lines

So these were some best workaround from some iOS 14 users who tried to fix this iMessage problem. Do you know any solution? Do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment section.

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