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How To Fix Apple Watch 7 Charging Issue

Apple Watch is the best pal to manage your routine. The latest version of the series can hold the charge for up to 18 hours, and also it can recharge the watch fully in about two hours. However, it would take a few hours if there is an issue with Apple Watch charging. Even we have heard a lot about Apple Watch charging issue.

Many users have complaints that Apple Watch is not charging red lightning bolt and Apple Watch stuck on charging after WatchOS 8.3 update. Since the many questions raised by Apple Watch series users, we have come to help you fix the issue. If you are struggling with the Apple Watch charging screen, we will show you how to resolve the issue.

Apple Watch Series 7 Charging Issue: How To Fix It

Method 1: Check The Equipment

The first thing you should do to solve Apple Watch charging issue is check the charging dock and cable. If you are using a frayed or damaged cord or charging disk, it would not charge your Apple Watch. Hence, you make sure that the charging cord and disk is not broken. You can also try to use other charging cables to ensure your works properly.

Method 2: Update To WatchOS 8.4

After the watchOS 8.3 update, dozens of Apple Watch users started getting charging issues. Since then, even after changing the port and resetting the watch, users can still not charge their Apple Watch. Thankfully, Apple releases the new watchOS 8.4 update to fix the Apple Watch charging issue. To download watchOS 8.4 update, open Apple Watch app on iPhone > go to General > Software Update > install watchOS 8.4.

Method 3: Clean & Try

Sometimes, dirt and debris on the charging port stop Apple Watch from charging. Hence, you need to clean the Apple Watch’s backside and set the disk with the help of a clean cloth to remove dirt and clean the disk.

Method 4: Restart Your Apple Watch

The last solution we can try to restart your Apple Watch. Restarting the watch will refresh the watch and clear caches and bugs. Therefore, you need to restart your Apple Watch to fix the charging issue on Apple Watch. You can force restart the watch by holding the side button and the digital crown until your watch powers off. Then wait a few minutes and press the side button to turn it back on again.

The Conclusion

These are some working solutions that help users to fix the charging problem on the Apple Watch series. Do these methods work for you? Which other working way do you know? Share in the comment box.

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