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How To Find Someone Else’s iPhone When It’s Lost?

Find Someone Else's iPhone When It's Lost

iPhones are expensive, so the last thing you want to do is lose them. But, given normal human nature, there is a hefty possibility that the same would happen someway or the other – even if not to you but someone else.

In case someone around you has lost their iPhone, is there something you can do to find it? Thankfully, the answer is yes. There are certain steps you can follow to detect the location of the lost iPhone and get it back to the rightful owner.

We will explore more on that and the steps involved in this article.

Steps to Find Someone Else’s Lost iPhone

Now, you must be sitting here wondering, “How do I help?” Well, it has got to do with the Find my application that is installed on every iPhone device.

This application can help users detect the location of their iPhone when it’s misplaced, lost, or even stolen. In most cases, users leverage this app to locate their iPhones but you can use the same app for locating someone else’s lost iPhone as well.

There are two options on the Find My app – Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. It is a recently launched function that is going to come in handy for millions of people.

Here is a quick breakdown of all the steps you need to follow:

  1. Unlock your iPhone and open the Find My app
  2. Once you open the app, navigate to the bottom-right corner of the display and click on the “Me” icon
  3. Under that, tap on “Help a Friend”
  4. This will redirect you to iCloud.com
  5. On the website, ask your friend to enter their iCloud username and password to log into the iCloud portal
  6. You then have to select the device that is lost, misplaced, or stolen
  7. If the location is nearby, tap on “Play Sound” and the iPhone will guide you to the iPhone

In case the iPhone is located quite far, you have to tap on Lost Mode. This will shut down the phone immediately and disable all the data to ensure it isn’t getting misused. The lost mode also switches the iPhone to the low power mode so that the battery doesn’t run out quickly, giving you more time to locate it.

There is another option “Erase iPhone”, which will permanently delete all the data from your iPhone. This comes in handy if your iPhone is stolen and you are 100% sure that it will put your personal information at risk. In that case, you can delete all the data by tapping on that button. However, if you just lost or misplaced the iPhone, the Lost Mode is a better option.


Following these simple steps should help your friend find their lost iPhone within a matter of minutes without any hassle. However, we’d recommend that you stay aware of who is using your phone to locate theirs. Sometimes, people might misuse your innocence and enter wrong information through the Find My app, putting your device at risk.

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