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How To Download NBA 2k22 iOS App

How To Download NBA 2k22 iOS App

As a huge NBA fan, I love watching every NBA game and enjoy playing NBA games on my iPhone. Like last year’s NBA 2k21, this new updated version landed as NBA 2k22 for Android and iPhone. While most of the users are playing the game, many iPhone users are looking for the way to download NBA 2K22 iOS app. 

Even when they searched for the NBA2K22 on the App Store, they ended up with the older version of the game. Some blogs are still claiming that the iOS NBA 2k22 download file is not yet landed. But we are glad to tell you that we have found the way to install MyNBA2k22 on iOS devices. Cannot wait to get NBA 2k22 on iOS? Don’t worry, as we are here to show you the step to download NBA2k22 on iPhone. 

How To Download NBA 2k22 iOS App

  1. First, go to the nba2k22mobile.club from Safari or Chrome on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Download for iOS’ red-coloured button.
  3. Please wait for a few seconds as it will load the human verification page.
  4. You should finish any two tasks from the verification options. You need to prove that you are a real human, not a bot. If you choose to install two games or apps, you must spend some time on those two games.
  5. Once you have completed both tasks, you will see the new NBA 2k22 app automatically installed on your iPhone. 

These were five steps to get the NBA2k22 iOS app on iPhone. Many people do not prefer this process. If you are also one of them, you can keep your eyes on the official nba.2k.com page to get the original download link of NBA 2k22 for Android and iOS. 

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We already reached the page, and we have not yet got any download link for the new NBA2k22. Meanwhile, you can go with the above steps and enjoy the game. Even you would love to try the new face scan feature of NBA 2k22 to create your new character from your real face.

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