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How to Download and Install iPadOS Beta on iPad Right Now

Install iPadOS Beta on iPad

Apple at WWDC revealed an all-new and a dedicated OS for iPad – iPadOS. Undoubtedly, we all are finding ways to install iPadOS on our iDevices. iPadOS 13 is built on the foundation of iOS and it will be more powerful than iOS on iPad.  iPadOS brings new home screen, desktop-class browsing, completely new File management, three-fingers gestures, and many more. You can explore the features of iPadOS by installing iPadOS on your iPad or iPad pro.

In the last few years, we have been thinking that Apple is not doing something great with the iPad. No wonder, iPad was not among the most-anticipated tech in 2019 from Apple. But at WWDC 2019, Apple announced an iPadOS with powerful apps designed for a large Multi‑Touch display, multitasking made simple with intuitive gestures, and the ability to drag and drop files with a fingertip. Now to try out these features right now, you need to install iPadOS developer Beta. Let’s see how you can install the iPadOS beta.

What to do before installing iPadOS Developer Beta?

Here’s the thing on how to prepare for the installation of iPadOS. You must have to back up your iPad before installing iPadOS beta. As beta versions have full of bugs and the performance of devices may be compromised. We also recommend backup your iPhone before installing iOS 13 beta. Here’s the tutorial on how to install iOS 13 developer beta on iPhone.

In order to get your hands on iPadOS you must have a developer account. If you do not have an Apple Developer account then you can create one here.

How to Download iPadOS beta 4 on iPad

Before downloading iPadOS you need to know which devices are compatible with the iPad. iPadOs is supportable on iPad Mini 4 and later iPads. iPad Pro models are compatible with iPadOS. Your Mac must have Catalina update in order to install iPadOs.

Step 1 – Firstly, you have to visit Apple developer page, log in with your username and password, and download the restore image for your iPad Models.

Step 2 – Connect your iPad to the Mac and open Finder.

Step 3 – Now choose iPad in the device options.

Step 4 – In the next step, press and hold the option key and tap on “restore iPad”.

Step 5 – Now, you have to choose the beta to restore the image and select Open to start the installation process.

Once all done correctly, wait till the restore image is installed. After that follow the basic activation process and then you are all set.

What is the release date of iPadOS?

You must be wondering when iPadOS will be rolled out for very devices. As we all know, every year, Apple announces its software updates at WWDC in the month of June. And the final rundown of these OS updates is rolled out with the launch of new iOS devices in Apple’s September event 2019.

We can expect iPadOS to be released in September after the launch of iPhone 11. But the beta versions of iPadOS are already available and you can install it by creating a developer account.

Final words:

iPad always had more potential but iOS was limiting its performance. But with Apple bringing iPad’s own iPadOS, now iPads would be able to give the performance like laptops. You can try and get the glimpses of iPadOS with its beta versions.

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