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How To Do Live Wallpaper On iOS 16

How To Do Live Wallpaper On iOS 16

Since I started using an iPhone, I’ve been a big fan of keeping my device’s lock and home screen looking sleek and stylish. However, with the arrival of iOS 16, I was curious about how to add live wallpaper to my lock and home screens. Initially, I heard reports that Apple had removed the live wallpaper feature from the iOS 16 update, but after exploring the new features myself, I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the new lock and home screen looked.

With the launch of iOS 16, Apple introduced several new features that allow users to spruce up their lock screen with stylish wallpapers, widgets, and effects. The update included a variety of new wallpaper options, and users can also choose any image from their Photos app to set as wallpaper.

Previously, users could only add small and useful widgets to their home screens. However, with the release of iOS 16, it’s now possible to add widgets of small, medium, and even larger sizes to the lock screen. This makes it easy to quickly launch any app without having to unlock your device.

Did Apple remove live wallpaper in iOS 16?

Yes, Apple has officially removed live wallpapers from the iOS 16 update. However, they have introduced a new depth effect option that allows users to create 3D wallpapers on the iOS 16 lock screen. This new feature can be used to set live wallpaper on iOS 16 devices.

How To Do Live Wallpaper On iOS 16

Here are the steps to set up Live Wallpaper on iOS 16:

  1. Here are the steps to set up Live Wallpaper on iOS 16:
  2. On your Lockscreen, tap and hold the empty space until it zooms out.
  3. At the bottom right corner, you should see a + button. Click it to open up the Wallpapers Menu.
  4. The only true Animated Wallpaper option here is the Weather Wallpaper. Select and confirm it.
  5. Another option is the Earth Wallpaper. You have the options between the Earth, Earth & Moon Detail, and the Solar System.
  6. This is how you can set a Live Wallpaper on an iPhone.
  7. The Depth Effect takes an image that you have and separates the subject of the image and the background. This gives a 2D image a 3D effect. You could get an image that you like and have its background changed thanks to the Depth Effect feature.
  8. There is a way to get a Live Wallpaper, but it involves using a Third-Party App.
  9. Get the app and upload a GIF image to it.
  10. Save it on your Camera Roll and set it as your wallpaper.

That’s how you can complete the above steps and do live wallpaper effect on iOS 16 lock screen.

iOS 16 live wallpaper not working?

Several iOS enthusiasts have reported that live wallpaper is not working on iOS 16. However, the disappointing news is that there is no official live wallpaper available on iOS 16. Apple replaced the live wallpaper feature with a depth effect feature that creates a 3D-like appearance.


Even though live wallpaper feature is no longer available on iOS 16, users can still add some appealing effects to their lock screens. The Depth Effect feature can provide a 3D look to the wallpaper, and users can choose from a variety of dynamic and interactive wallpapers. They can also use widgets to customize their lock screens. By following the above steps and exploring other options, users can create an impressive and personalized look for their iOS 16 devices.

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