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How To Disagree WhatsApp Privacy Policy Once Agreed

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

You know ‘what is the biggest threat to any country or any person right now,’ “the breach of privacy.” While every tech giant focuses on user’s privacy, WhatsApp’s new policy breaks the user’s privacy as they started forcing users to agree on the new terms and policy. 

While most of the geeks have not accepted or allowed WhatsApp share data with Facebook, many users are looking to disagree with WhatsApp privacy policy once agreed as they agreed on the new terms without reading and knowing anything. WhatsApp’s new policy will go into effect from May 15, 2021. But if you do not agree on the new rules by Feb 8, 2021, your account will be locked by the company. 

Is There Any Way To Disagree WhatsApp New Privacy Policy If Already Agreed?

In simple, I can say NO!


There is no way to revert to the older WhatsApp rules. But still, you should consider a couple of things which are below if you have accepted a new WhatsApp policy.

Solution One: Delete WhatsApp Account 

WhatsApp recently said that they would use the detail of WhatsApp business users to show ads on Facebook and Instagram. But it will also affect users who buy or connect with that business account. Hence, if you are worried about your privacy, you can completely delete your WhatsApp account from your device. Let’s check out the steps:

Step #1: Launch WhatsApp app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Go to the Settings.

Step #3: Choose ‘Account’ and tap on ‘Delete My Account.’

Step #4: Enter your phone number and tap again ‘Delete My Account.’

Step #5: Enter your feedback and tap ‘Next’ and again tap on ‘Delete My Account’ for the confirm decision.

 Solution Two: Go With Better Privacy App

After WhatsApp, people prefer Telegram and Signal app as they both offer better privacy than WhatsApp. These apps have many different features. If you are confused between Signal and Telegram app, you can click here to see the full comparison and choose the best WhatsApp alternative. 

When WhatsApp’s new privacy policy landed, many users had already moved to the Telegram app as it surprised 500 million active users, including new 25 million with 72 hours. 

But when real-life Tony Stark “Elon Musk” tweeted to ‘Use Signal”, many people also started installing the app as it offers the best privacy to users. 

If you have used any app from Telegram and Signal, please do not forget to share your feedback in the comment box. Let us know your thoughts about the new WhatsApp terms and policy by dropping a comment below. 

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