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How To Create Memoji On iPhone 12 In iOS 14

Create Memoji On iPhone 12

Emojis are fun. But Apple’s Memojis are the real charm of the iPhone. Expressions speak louder than words. Memojis are types of Animoji that uses iPhone’s Face ID to create an expressive animated message.

Apple added the Memoji with iPhone X, and devices with Face ID can be used to make Memojis. Ever since this feature added, users were having fun to use while chatting in iMessage. But this year, the tech giant included a lot more customization options with iOS 14. Hence, users can fully personalize Memoji.

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Are you new to Apple’s eco-system? Have you recently bought an iPhone 12? Don’t you have any idea about Memoji? If you need the answer to any of these questions, then here we are!

How to Make Memoji Video on iPhone 12 in iOS 14

Step #1: Launch the Messages app on your iPhone.

Make sure that you have a Face ID device iPhone X or later.

Step #2: Open the chat with the person you want to send the Memoji.

Step #3: Tap on Three Faces.

Step #4: Next, tap on Three Dots at the left corner and tap New Memoji.

Step #5: Now, you can create new Memoji by selecting skin color, hairstyle, and facial features. But new iOS 14 also added the new option to change facial piercings, makeup, teeth, and more.

Step #6: To record the Memoji clip, you can tan and hold the red recording button and send it to the person. Or you can tap only once from the keyboard to add as the sticker.

That’s it!

Once you follow these above steps, you will know how to use the Memoji function on your iPhone. You can also set any Memoji photo in contacts. What other tips do you need on your newer iPhone 12? Please do ask us through the comments!

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