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How To Change Instagram Chat Theme Color on iPhone and Android

As Instagram has Stories, Posts and Reels, I spend a lot of time on this social networking app compare to Facebook, Snapchat and other apps. My every morning start and end with the Instagram story. 

I found this app very charming as it makes everyone’s life so colourful. To add more charm to the app, the makers of the app added the new feature to change the chat theme colour on Instagram. That sound’s miraculous! Yes, that’s right. 

If you often spend your more time on instagram chat windows, you would love to set you Instagram chat unique and colourful with new Instagram chat theme customisation option. So now you don’t have to go with older black and white UI of Instagram chat as you can set colourful chat windows. Without further ado, let’s find out how to set new colourful Instagran DM chat window. 

How To Change Chat DM Theme Color on Instagram

Note: Currently, this new chat theme colour changing option is now available for everyone. Only selected users have access of this function. So if you don’t see this option on your Instagram app, then keep your on the new update, you will get this option soon. 

Step #1: Update your Instagram app to the latest version.

Step #2: Launch the Instagram app on your device.

Step #3: Open the Chat Windows which you want to change.

Step #4: Now tap on the Name of the person at top next the Profile to enter to the Info menu. 

Step #5: Tap on Theme under the Chat Settings.

Step #6: Now you will see multiple theme option like Pride, Love, Tie-Dye and more. Select one you like and you will see the new colourful char window of Instagram DM chat.

Step #7: You can also go back to previous Instagram UI by selecting “Default” theme option under the Colors & Gradients” option.

Cheers! Now your new Instagram chat window is ready with the new color theme. I hope now you are happy with this new colourful feature of Instagram. If you enjoyed the article, please do share your happiness with us in the comment section.


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