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How To Change Goals On Apple Watch

How To Change Goals On Apple Watch

Apple Watch has progressed from tracking distance to currently tracking side length. It has come a long way in giving updated features to its users with each new software update. When it comes to Apple Watch features, it learns your favorite route and then allows you to race against yourself, isn’t that interesting? If can even detect backstroke, and kickboard underwater and even has the ability to dry itself after coming out of the water. It monitors your heart rate, temperature, ovulation cycle, and other factors as well. You may even set a target goal for yourself to reach, but what if you want to change your Apple Watch goals to something more difficult and exciting? Continue reading to see how to adjust your Apple Watch objectives to something more fun and interesting.

How to Change Goals on Apple Watch?

Apple watch grants its users the ability to change their daily goals such as stand goals, exercise goals, or burn calories. It lets you change the number of hours of your stand/roll goal or the number of calories to burn and how many minutes you need to exercise. You can do all of this with the help of the activity app on your Apple Watch. Here’s how to change your goal on Apple Watch.

The method given below will only work if you have Apple Watch Series 3 or later running on the latest version of watchOS.

  1. Open the Apple Watch activities app.
  2. Scroll down and find the option named change goals.
  3. Select the Change Goals option.
  4. Personalize your daily Move Goal by changing your daily active calorie burn goal. You can do so by tapping the plus or minus icon and selecting the calories to burn off.
  5. Press the next button.
  6. Change your daily minutes of physical activity by touching the plus and minus buttons and selecting the minutes you wish to exercise.
  7. Then press the next button.
  8. Personalize your stand goal by deciding how many hours each day you wish to stand and move. To alter the period of time, click the plus or minus button as desired.
  9. You may adjust the rolling goal if you are a wheelchair user rather than a standing goal.
  10. Change the duration of your goal by clicking the plus and minus icons.
  11. When you’re through creating and updating your goals to suit your needs, click on the Okay button.
  12. You are all set!

Note that if you have an Apple watch that is below watchOS 7 then you only have the option to change the move goal, you will only be able to change Stand Goal and Exercise Goal if your device is running watchOS 7 and later.

On the main screen, the most recent workout is displayed. By tapping on it you will enter the workout screen, it will be showing details such as the type of training, length, calories burnt, and more.

Set a reminder for your goals:

You might sometimes forget to finish your daily target goal, so it is better to keep a reminder on a regular basis, it will also give you a push on doing the activity on time.

  1. On your iPhone device open the Apple Watch application.
  2. Click on the My Watch tab located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the Activities option.
  4. Enable the options that you want to get reminders of.
  5. Click on the back option when you are done.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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