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How To Add PayPal Account To Apple Pay To Pay Via iPhone or Apple Watch

Add PayPal to Apple Pay

We know that PayPal is one of the most reliable international payment methods which can also add to Apple Pay ID to pay through iPhone or Apple Watch. Since this payment used by a lot of people, PayPal also provides some discounting offers when you buy something new or book a movie ticket online.

It’s simple to pay through PayPal. But if you could pay directly from your iPhone or Apple Watch via PayPal then why you need to every time open the app and use PayPal login to send payment as you can simply use your Apple Pay account to pay via PayPal.  So if you use Apple Pay often and PayPal too, then it’s better to add both in one. Yes, we are talking about linking PayPal account to Apple Pay ID so that you can quickly pay from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Let’s check out how to do it!

How To Use PayPal Payment With Apple Pay ID on iPhone or Apple Watch

Step #1: Open your iPhone and head to “Settings.”

Step #2: Next; Tap your name at the top of the “Settings” page.

Step #3: Click on “iTunes & App Store.”

Step #4: On the next screen, tap “Apple ID” then select “View Apple ID” and login to your Apple ID account.

Step #5: Once you are logged into your Apple ID, click on “Manage Payments.

Step #6: Click on “Add Payment Method,” then tap on “PayPal” on the next screen.

Step #7: Log into your PayPal account and confirm that you are adding PayPal onto your Apple Pay account.

That’s it!

This is how you can add your PayPal account to your Apple ID. So from the next when you want to buy something, then you can choose the PayPal method from your iPhone or Apple Watch to get some PayPal discounting offers. Hope you enjoyed the article. Let us know if you encounter any issue while following the process.

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