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How To Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story or Reel on Apple iPhone

Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story

Have you seen Instagram 3 videos in 1 screen or frame? If you are a huge Instagram geek, you may have seen many reels with multiple videos on one screen. Since IG stories and reels have become a trend, more than 80% of users watch stories and reels in a day. 

While scrolling my Instagram feed, I also stumble on some reels with three videos on 1 Instagram screen. Since I love to travel, I also wondered let’s create an Instagram story with three-layer videos. Many travel bloggers and advertisement agencies use this three video layer trick for promotions. As there is no inbuilt Instagram feature to create a video collage for a story or reel, here we will show you the simple trick to add three layer videos to one Instagram screen. 

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How To Add Three Videos in One Instagram Frame Story or Reel on iOS

Note: You will have to use one third-party app on your iPhone to create one Instagram reel or story with three video collages or layers. 

Step #1: First of all, open the App Store on your iPhone.

Step #2: Download and install VN Video Editor on your iOS device.

Step #3: Open the VN app on your iPhone and tap on the Plus icon at the bottom.

Step #4: Tap on New Project and select on Black blank png file and then go ahead.

Step #5: Now you have two frames, with 3 seconds. Delete the next frame that shows the app’s watermark and extent the first one up to 15 or 30 seconds as per the story or reel you want to create. You can use the right arrow to extend the time.

Step #6: Tap on the icon nearby the option “Tap to add sticker/PIP.”

Step #7: Now select the video you want to set on the top and again go through the same to add two more videos. 

Step #8: You can also adjust each frame properly and edit or add slowly within the app. 

Step #9: After setting three videos to one frame, tap on the Play button to see the result. You can also add music, add filter, text, and lot more. 

Step #10: Once the three-layer video is ready, tap on Export at the top right corner and wait for a minute to generate the new video with three layer. 

Step #11: That’s it! Now you have the three-layered Instagram story with the best video quality. 

Final Lines

That was so easy peasy than you thought, I guess. I hope you have followed the above steps properly and created an aesthetic Instagram story or reel. If you need more help regarding adding multiple videos to Instagram reel or story, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comment box. 

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