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How To Add Health Widget To iOS 14 on iPhone

Health Widget To iOS 14

Mostly, Apple’s own app has the widget support feature. You can simply long-press on the homes screen, tap on the Plus icon from the top and add any Apple app widget to the iOS 14 home screen. For health geeks, of course, there a native Health app, but it doesn’t support the widget.

It means you cannot add Apple’s Health widget to the iPhone home screen. Luckily, before Apple add the widget support for Health app, the Marcel Schmitz developer managed to create the new health widget for iOS 14 users.

With the help of this health widget app, you will be able to add some widget with the information like weight, heart rate, blood oxygen, steps, sleep and more. You will have all health information on from iOS home screen. Hence, you don’t have navigated to the health app to know your health status; you can simply have a glimpse of your health with the new health widget.

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How To Add Health Widget On iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

Step #1: Launch the App Store on your iPhone.

Step #2: Search for the new Hidgets app and install it on your device. The app is not free; you can buy at $3.50.

Step #3: Once it installed, log in with your profile.

Step #4: After you setup process is done, go to the home screen.

Step #5: Long press anywhere on the home screen, tap on Plus icon on the top right corner and select Hidgets widget from the list.

Step #6: Choose the size of the widget and tap on Add Widgets.

Step #7: You can also add multiple specific health widgets. For that, tap and press the Hidgets widget, tap on Edit Widget and select other widgets.

That’s it!

Once you add this third-party Hidgets widget on your iPhone’s home screen, you will be able to keep your eyes on every health condition from the small preview of Hidgets widget.

After using this new Hidgets widget on your iPhone, please do share feedback with us in the comment box. Please feel free to share more useful widget that you are using on your iPhone.

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