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How to Add Focus Mode To Lock Screen On iOS 16

Focus Mode To Lock Screen On iOS 16

From the last iOS upgrades, Apple has improved its Do Not Disturb feature for users to make it more productive. I have seen many iPhone users criticize the Focus Mode. But for me, it is the best feature that keeps my work and personal notification separate. And now, with the new iOS 16, Apple has made it even more helpful as I can add Focus Mode to iOS 16 lock screen.

Earlier on iOS 15, I used to enable Focus Mode from the Control Center to enable Home or Work Focus mode so that I don’t get annoyed with notifications. The latest iOS 16 has the feature to link Focus Mode to the lock screen on iOS 16 and pretty wallpapers and other useful widgets. It’s now cool and playful to see Focus Mode with the cool lock screen of iOS 16 on my iPhone. If you also wish to do the same and don’t know how to enable Focus Mode on your iPhone’s lock screen, check out the below steps.

How Link Focus Mode To Lock Screen On iOS 16

Note: Make sure you have installed iOS 16 on your iPhone to use the new Lock Screen Focus Mode.

Step 1: Open Lock Screen Settings

Just like you need to press and hold the lock screen to add widgets and change the wallpaper on the lock screen, do the same to open screen settings.

Step 2: Tap Focus Icon

On the bottom center of the screen, you will see the Focus Icon. When you tap on the Focus option, you will get the list of your Focus Modes. Tap or select any listed Focus Mode to link to the lock screen of iOS 16.

Step 3: Link and See

When you choose any Focus Mode from a different mode, it will be visible between the Flash and Camera icons at the bottom center on the lock screen of iOS 16. If you have not customized the Focus Mode, you can create or personalize it from the Focus Mode settings while choosing one Focus Mode from the list.

That’s how iPhone users can use the lock screen of iOS 16 better to use Focus Mode right from the Lock Screen without unlocking the device to navigating to Settings.

However, IOS 16 is still under development, and the final version is to release on September 7 along with iPhone 14 models. Did you try iOS 16 beta on your iPhone? Which other feature caught your eyeballs? Feel free to share your feedback in the comment box.

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