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How To Add Apple Music Songs To Instagram Stories in iOS 13 On iPhone


Since Instagram added the feature to add music into the stories, people are using this feature a lot. But Instagram doesn’t have every song on its platform, and iOS users are wondering about adding Apple Music songs to Instagram story on their iPhone. 

Well, this is possible since Apple released the iOS 13.4.5 developer beta last week. With the iOS 13.4.5 update, Apple users will be able to share Apple Music on Instagram stories. Cheers if you were wondering about this feature as now you can simply do it. Well, Spotify already has this type of feature to add on Instagram story. But not every iOS user is blessed with the Spotify premium. So if you have updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 13.4.5 version, then here we have prepared a full guide to share a song from Apple Music to Instagram story.

Let’s head over the guide to add Apple Music to your instagram stories from your iPhone running iOS 13.4.5.

Steps to Add Apple Music Songs to Instagram Stories in iOS 13

Note: Before you go ahead to the process, you should update your iPhone to the developer beta 13.4.5.

Step #1: Open Apple Music App on your iPhone.

Step#2: Next, tap on any song, album, or artist you want to share as the Instagram story.

Step #3: Now, you need to tap on ellipsis (three dots in a circle).

Step #4: Once you tap the ellipsis, you will have a menu, so just swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen; tap on the Share icon.

Step #5: From the Share sheet options, you will need to tap on Instagram app.

Step #6: If Instagram is not seen in the Share Sheet, browse to the end of the sheet and tap on the More option. From there, you can tap on Instagram.

Once you tap Instagram option, your iOS device will generate the Instagram story automatically as a vertical image with a song’s title, album cover, and a hazy background. And this is how you will get the Apple Music image ready for the Instagram story.

After you post the Instagram story with the Apple Music song, everyone who is following you on instagram will be able to listen to this song with just a tap without saying that they must be Apple Music users.

Even there is an option to share Apple Music to Facebook story. Hope now you are happy with this guide. There are other useful features added to the iOS 13.4.5. You can tell us here in the comment box.

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