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How To Set Up or Activate iPhone 13 (Mini, Pro, & Pro Max)

Set Up New iPhone 13

Cheers to your new iPhone 13 device. The new display, improved camera, and bigger battery of the iPhone 13 are worth features. It would be tough to set up iPhone 13 whether you already use the iOS ecosystem or recently switched from Android to iPhone 13. 

In this guide, we will guide you from the first Hello screen to the last step. If you are moving from Android to iPhone 13 or the old iPhone to the new iPhone 13, we will also show you how to move your dare from the old mobile to the new iPhone 13 model. Without further ado, let’s get to the guide.

How To Activate New iPhone 13 (Mini, Pro, & Pro Max)

Let’s start with settings up a new iPhone 13 if you are using iOS for the first time.

How To Set Up iPhone 13 As A New For The First Time

  1. Hold the right side button until the Apple Logo appears.
  2. From the Hello welcome screen, slide up from the bottom.
  3. Choose language and then Country.
  4. Tap Set Up Manually and Continue.
  5. Now connect your iPhone to a Wifi network.
  6. Tap Continue for Date & Privacy.
  7. Now Set Up Face ID.
  8. Create Passcode.
  9. You can choose the Backup option or tap Don’t Transfer App & Date for later.
  10. Now sign in your Apple ID. If you don’t have Apple ID, then create one using the link.
  11. After entering Apple ID, tap Agree to accept Apple’s terms and conditions.
  12. Tap Continue to go with default Apple settings.
  13. Tap Continue if you want to install a new iOS update automatically or tap Install Update Manually.
  14. Now tap Continue to connect to FaceTime and iMessage.
  15. Now tap Continue to use Siri.
  16. Tap Continue or Setup Later in Setting for Screen Time notification.
  17. Tap ‘About App Analytics & Privacy’ to learn more or tap ‘Share with App Developers if not, tap on Don’t Share.
  18. Now you will see the option to True Tone Display; tap See Without True Tone Display to view, then tap Continue.
  19. Select light or dark appearance and tap Continue.
  20. Select the Display Zoom option, and tap Continue.
  21. You are done now. 

How To Set Up iPhone 13 And Restore Data From Old iPhone

Note: Make sure that your older iPhone is running iOS 12.4 or later version and connected to Wifi.

  1. Bring old and new iPhone 13 together.
  2. The QuickStart screen will ask you to use Apple ID to set up the device when you start the new iPhone. Enter the detail.
  3. Tap Continue, and then it will ask you to point the camera of the old iPhone at the new iPhone 13.
  4. Wait for the message Finish On New, and enter the old device’s passcode on the new iPhone 13.
  5. Set up Face ID, enter Apple ID password.
  6. The new device will ask you to restore apps, data, contacts, and settings from the recent iCloud backup or update our current device’s backup and then restoring. Select the option as per your choice.
  7. Transferring data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone 13 will take some time, depending on your Wifi connection.
  8. That’s it. When I was moving data from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13, it took around 34 minutes.

How To Set Up iPhone 13 While Move Date From Android to iPhone 13

  1. First of all, download the Move to iOS app on your Android phone.
  2. When you start setting up your iPhone 13 and reach on the Apps & Data screen, tap on Move Data from Android.
  3. Now open the Move To iOS app on Android, tap Continue and follow the screen.
  4. Now keep both devices nearby for a couple of hours until the transfer is done.


These were the three methods to set up new iPhone 13 models without losing your important data. I hope you followed the steps carefully and successfully set up the new iPhone 13. Need more tips regarding the same? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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