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How much is the iPhone 13 gonna cost?

How much is the iPhone 13 gonna cost

iPhone 12 was a huge change for Apple fans as the iOS 14 completely changed the way people have been using iPhone. So now people want to see something more the next time and wonder how much the iPhone 13 will cost?

We know there we are still a few months away from the release of the iPhone 13. But like every year, we always love to enjoy guessing the price of iPhone 13 and the upcoming features of iPhone 13.

For sure, we will see a camera upgrade on iPhone 13 with some minor design changes compared to iPhone 12. Also, we are excited to see how the new iOS 15 gonna work with iPhone 13 models. Apple has not yet confirmed the launch date of iPhone 13, but we can expect it in September, just like previous releases.

We have already seen 5G supports on iPhone 12. Hence it won’t be a huge deal to see 5G on iPhone 13. We have not heard any confirmation about the pricing of iPhone 13 from any trustworthy source, but after considering the upcoming features, we can predict that iPhone cost will cost as the iPhone 12.  The normal price of the iPhone 13 model starts at $799 (£799, AU$1,349). As the iPhone 12 recorded the great profit quarter in Apple history, we may also see iPhone 13 with a similar price as iPhone 12.

Last year, Samsung and Google also lowered the price of Galaxy S20 FE and Pixel 5, respectively.  Also, the newer Galaxy S21 landed at a low price. Hence, we can also expect that Apple may minimize the price of iPhone 13.

It’s also possible that Apple may lower the price of the iPhone 13, as other models like Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE and Google’s Pixel 5 did in 2020. The Samsung Galaxy S21, released in January, also boasted a lower price tag, starting at $200 lower than its predecessor.

Are you excited about the next iPhone 13? Do you think it would be worth waiting for iPhone 13? Have anything to say about iPhone 13? Drop the comment below.

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