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How To DM or Private Talk To Someone On Clubhouse?

Private Talk To Someone On Clubhouse

You know one great thing about the Clubhouse; you can join any room or connect with people over the world. Once you receive the Clubhouse invite code and start using the app, you will see dozens of rooms with a different topic. You can simply enter any room without any hesitate and start the conversion. 

But the biggest question is how you can privately message or direct message someone on the Clubhouse app. I have seen on Reddit that many users ask if there is any private talk to someone on Clubhouse. Whether you liked someone and want to ask him or her for a date or want to do good business talk with anyone, of course, you would love to talk to them in private in Clubhouse. 

Of course, you can visit someone’s profile and go to their Twitter or Instagram page to connect with someone. But, what if you want to private chat on the Clubhouse without going to their social media profiles. 

How Private Talk To Someone On Clubhouse?

There is not an option on the Clubhouse to directly talk with someone privately. You will have to create a private or closed room in Clubhouse to a private talk with someone. 

Step #1: To do that, you need to open the Clubhouse and tap on “Start a room” from the homepage.

Step #2: Next, tap on “Closed” from three options. Then tap on the “Choose People” option at the bottom.

Step #3: Now, search for or select the person you want to start private talk.

Step #4: Once you selected the person, tap on “Let’s Go” at the bottom.

Step #5: Your private talk with someone has started now; you can also later open it for everyone by tapping “Open It Up.”

Your private room will not be visible to anyone or in the main feed. You can have the secrete talk with someone on Clubhouse app from your iPhone. 

All done!

Are you enjoying the Clubhouse conversations? If you are new to the Clubhouse, please do share your feedback with us through the comment box. Also you can ask for more tips for using Clubhouse.

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