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How a Designer Earn $1, 00,000 selling iOS 14 Home Screen Icons

Designer Earn $1, 00,000

Recently, a designer has revealed precisely how attempting to sell app icons for iOS 14 has made him a profit of over US$100,000 within a week.

If you would like to receive your hands on these images, they are offered at his icon page to get US$28.

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The group includes 120 custom menus covering Slack to Twitter and also adding more shades. Currently, four colours are available–black, slate, and white.

Traf designer promises that the collection will probably soon be updated with new icons. If customizing your iOS 14 home screen is a daunting task for your personal, designer Traf has shared with a set of minimalist icons and widget short cuts which has been demonstrated to be always popular between black lovers, and it has since gone viral on Twitter.

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Traf credited his victory into the culmination of skills he found over a long time. He made US$17 in 2013 when jail-breaking was a trend at that moment. Through this process, he also learnt the value of investing in effort in creating something and selling at a sensible price. He managed to sell his new own favourites to 4,000 individuals, amounting to US$116,157.

In a blog post, he shared his experience and information to anyone who wished to produce this cosmetic. After discovering that his work gained a grip, Traf instantly designed some icons into his style and uploaded them on the https://icons.tr.af/.

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