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My Apple HomePod Mini Review

HomePod Mini Review

I have grown up watching Iron Man and other Marvel movies. Whenever I see any high technology in film, I also admire them in real life. But only Apple stood up to my wishes as they always created cutting-edge products for its users. When Apple released the HomePod, I thoroughly used the product, and it was like my personal assistance since I use it for my to-do list and control HomeKit devices.

While using the HomePod, I was still missing something. But when Apple landed the HomePod Mini, they totally stole my heart. From the low price of $99 to the intelligently stereo pair feature, everything on HomePod Mini is enchanting. The size of the HomePod Mini is just 3.3 inches tall and 3.8 inches wide. It has two color options- white and grey. You will be able to order the Mini from November 6th, and the shipping will start the week of November 16th.

Not go to the size of the device. Apple used S5 SoC, the same chip from the Apple Watch Series 5 on the HomePod Mini. It analyzes the music, plays, adjusts the range, and uses the neodymium magnet-powered driver and force-canceling passive radiators to give the best performance at your home. It offers a 360-degree sound that was missing from the HomePod.  Mini’s Apple’s U1 Ultra Wideband chip can manage the task smartly compares to the original one.

With the new HomePod Mini, Siri has become faster, more accurate, and smarter, having gained 20 times more acquaintance than 2017. The Siri is now intelligent enough to feedback you “What’s my update?” and it will give you everything according to your preference like weather, news feed, reminders, event, and more. Every family can personalize their feed on the Mini, and it will help you with that. Mini Siri also has a smart feature to share information directly to your iPhone, like sending map direction. You can bring your iPhone to Mini, and you will get visual, audible, and haptic effects. You will feel like your devices are physically connected as the music flows from one to the other—the third-party streaming service like Amazon Music and Pandora coming to Mini soon.

What makes HomePod mini apart is Siri’s deep integration with the iPhone. With the help of Siri, HomePod min can access the apps on your iPhone to send a message, check your calendar, make a call, even find your iPhone. Of course, you are not only at your home; Siri also knows that and can recognize each household member’s voices. So everyone gets their own experience.

The deep integration of Siri with the iPhone also allows a magical experience with CarPlay. Ask HomePod Mini what time Target closes, and a Siri suggestion automatically appears in CarPlay, so when you hop in the car, the route is ready and waiting for you.

Intercom added one of the smart functions to the HomePod mini to quickly send a message from one HomePod to another in a different room or multiple rooms. The Intercom feature will also work with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and CarPlay. Through the Intercome, you can even send a message from the car that you have got pizzas. It will automatically pop up on every household’s iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and HomePods and AirPods.

With the new HomePod Mini, your things can do around smartly. For example,  the Mini automatically integrates with the Home app so that you can control all your HomeKit accessories with your voice. You can ask to turn up the heat, unlock the doors, dim the light, and more.

 Just like every Apple Product, the HomePod Mini is also designed with your privacy and security in mind. Nothing you say is sent out of your home until you activate Siri with a touch or “Hey Siri.” The personal requests only work on HomePad when your iPhone is around with you, and all communication with smart home accessories uses strong encryption.

The HomePod Min has three smart microphones; two for listing your Siro commands and one for canceling the function. Mini can also work with your Apple TV and sync with other HomePods as a stereo pair. The Mini version also has the Thread radios to work for Internet-of-Things.

Keeping mind all features of the HomePod Mini, I think HomePod Mini will be the excellent accessory for home and office. I can’t wait to have it at my work desk! What do you think about it? Please do share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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