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Hidden Features Of iPhone 12

iPhone 12

If you are into smartphones, then you may have already known about all the features of the new iphone 12 series. This marvellous piece of machine has almost all the latest technology embedded in it. Even though Apple has introduced us to all the latest features of the iPhone 12 there are some of the hidden features and easter eggs that the company has still not revealed.So if you updated the software you must have noticed a few additions and it’s actually these small changes that makes all the difference.

Here are some of the hidden features of the new iPhone 12 to level up your iPhone experience.

iPhone 12 Hidden Specs

Lyric search in Apple Music

Are you like those people who can remember some of the lyrics but never the song title? Well Apple has a solution. It now permits you to search for songs just by the lyrics in the Apple Music of iOS 12.

Wide camera Image sensor

The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera module is larger in size. It also has protrudes which are a little bit larger in size. There is also a new sensor and the upgraded sensor shifts the stabilization that sticks out the best.

Because of the brand new sensor on the wide angle camera more light can be captured, which results in less noisy photographs.The camera is also backed by an increased ISO. There is also improved lighting and sensitivity making it possible to achieve better photos even in low lighting.

Tele Lens

If you thought the wide angled camera was the only upgrade you are wrong. Apple also upgraded the telephoto lens  from 52mm equivalent to 65mm equivalent which means there is a 2.5X optical zoom now. This difference can be noticed in any normal shot. The digital zoom is increased from 10x to 12x maximum. So when you are shooting a video you can enjoy a 7X digital zoom which was previously restricted to only 6X.

Muting Notifications

Yes, you can go to the Do Not Disturb mode at any time, but most of the time you just forget to turn it off. Now, Siri recommends Do Not Disturb for certain events. So if it realizes that you may have an event  you will get a notification to turn on the Do Not Disturb option.

Lock out USB accessories

Locking your phone basically means that you also keep it secure from USB accessories which are plugged in through the Port.So if your iPhone ever gets stolen this feature will block the thief from access entirely! Hence to enable or even disable this setting you need to head over to Settings→ then Face ID and passcodes → USB accessories.

Back Tap feature on the phone

A new feature called Back Tap makes it possible to initiate some system features like Control Center or Siri or launch a Shortcut just by tapping on the back of your iPhone multiple times.

Find the feature in Settings → Accessibility →Touch → Back Tap. Select the number of taps to see the  list of actions you can initiate.

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