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Getting to Know iOS 6: Guided Access

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So you are boss iOS designer that doesn’t let down his devoted client base and keeps up iOS 6 application uphold up right up ’til the present time! At that point you ought to distribute any updates you have as a primary concern quickly! Apple has given their cutoff time:

To be sure, iOS 6 was delivered over 6 years back. It is the thing that somebody would call heritage. Anyway there may be situations where iOS 6 help isn’t something a designer would need to drop. Such a case is the Romo X application for the iPhone robot called Romo.

The 30 pin adaptation of Romo clients repurchased in the day, is as yet expected to be utilized with their past iPhone 3GS. Furthermore, think about what, 3GS goes up to iOS 6. It bodes well for them to continue to utilize their old telephone as opposed to buying a more current iPhone 4S or even a fresher lightning port Romo to use with their iPhone 8.

To be straightforward I wouldn’t have any desire to utilize my 1000€ iPhone 8 on a moving robot that my child or canine may break. Putting my old telephone to utilize seems like a smart thought contrasted with having it secured away a cabinet.

There are various utilizations for an old telephone, dashcam, reconnaissance camera, sound recorder, keen home control board, and so on. Those designers should continue to help those old gadgets for as far as might be feasible!

Alright how would I do this?


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