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10 Free VPN For iOS 16 To Use In 2023

Free VPN For iOS 16

There often comes a time when you are navigating through different websites online and find it difficult to conceal your identity online. With the rising rate of cybercrime, finding good VPNs or Virtual Private Networks make all the difference in the world.

The primary purpose of a VPN is to help you navigate through shady connections and networks without needing to worry about usability.

If you want to protect your identity online, choosing the best free VPN for iOS 16 can make all the difference.

What are the best free VPNs for iOS 16?

There is an abundance of free VPNs available online. Some are great, some not so great. When making your pick, the one thing you have to be mindful of is the reliability and the name it has garnered for itself in the market.

Following are the top free VPNs for iOS 16 worth exploring:

1.      Proton VPN

Besides the fact that Proton VPN is 100% free, what’s great about this platform is its usability. You get access to unlimited bandwidth through this VPN without needing to pay anything for it.

Additionally, the platform allows you to choose to conceal your location with multiple location choices, including the Netherlands, United States, Japan, etc. The VPN has 1400 servers spread across 60+ countries.

The most unique feature of this platform is the Stealth mode. Using this, users can comfortably navigate through the internet without leaving any traces. Also, their no-log policy ensures that your data is 100% secure.

2.      Hide.me VPN

As unique as the name is, Hide.me VPN is a multipurpose and versatile free VPN that makes all the difference in your internet browsing experience. Featuring a no-logs policy and concealed digital identity, this free VPN can make all the difference in your online browsing.

Besides that, this VPN also comes with AES-256 encryption and its unique split-tunneling feature, which keeps all your data in one place. Additionally, users get free access to 10GB of data every month when they use it for their iPhones.

3.      Windscribe

Next up on the list is Windscribe, which is known for unique features like split tunneling, and a kill switch and also protects your iPhone against DNS leaks. The VPN uses SHA512 encryption, which is again a benefit you won’t get with any of the other free VPNs.

The free version of the Windscribe VPN offers 10GB monthly data access, alongside a no-logs policy to keep your data in check.

4.      Tunnelbear

When it comes to free VPN service providers for iOS 16 in 2023, Tunnelbear is a name that doesn’t require any introduction. Available on the App Store, this is a reliable VPN service offering users access to 500MB of data every month.

What’s great about using Tunnelbear is that once you change the location using this VPN, you can then go ahead and turn off the app’s data and use your data or wifi to navigate through the internet. Its servers are available in 22+ countries and use AES-256-bit encryption.

5.      VPN In touch

Although quite an underrated VPN service, VPN In Touch is a premium and high-quality VPN service provider you won’t regret using on your iPhone. It offers some of the most unique features like data compression, no-log policy, low-data mode, etc.

This blocker allows you to navigate through the internet with ease without needing to worry about the app’s usability at all. What we’d personally recommend you do is focus on the free version only. The paid version is unnecessarily expensive and not worth the hassle.

6.      Ultra VPN

While we are on the topic of free VPN for iOS 16 in 2023, Ultra VPN is another option worth mentioning in the list. Featuring a quick and intuitive UI, this VPN is easy to use and offers a variety of customization that makes it easier for you to use.

Available across 81 countries, the servers of this VPN are quite widespread and worth every minute of your day that you spend navigating through the platform.

What’s great about this VPN service is the multitasking. You can easily connect up to 5 devices at a time using this VPN, which isn’t something available with the other ones in the list.

7.      Daily VPN

Another snappy and fast-acting VPN service provider that’s worth the time and effort is Daily VPN. Available across 20 countries with 100+ servers, Daily VPN is another popular option that doesn’t disappoint.

Using 256-bit encryption, not only does it keep your data secure, but the VPN also helps you unblock restricted websites and streaming platforms, which is always a benefit. It does have a paid version, which we won’t recommend looking into.

8.      Larva VPN

If you are looking for a minimal and simple VPN for an enhanced user experience, Larva VPN is an option you won’t regret indulging in. It has a free-to-use interface, which doesn’t require any kind of registration.

Besides keeping your identity concealed, the platform also allows you to access restricted and banned websites and proxies that you aren’t able to access otherwise.

9.      X-VPN

Next up on the list is X-VPN, which is hands down the biggest and most widespread VPN service provider on the internet. With 8000+ servers and 50+ global locations, this free VPN beats every other on the list.

The freemium version is more than enough for personal use. So, if you are worried that you’d have to pay the extra money, you won’t have to worry about that at all. Also, the setup is quite straightforward, further adding to the accessibility.

10. VPN Vault

Last but not least is VPN Vault, which is another popular free VPN ideal for proxy websites and gaming. You can bypass a lot of the complications and restrictions using this website, making it one of the absolute best options to look into.

Not only does the VPN conceal your IP address, but it also shields you against unwanted cybercrime and threats, making this one of the absolute best options in the market.


And, that concludes the list of all the popular yet free VPN service providers you can explore if you want to enhance your online safety. Besides that, most of these free VPN service providers also get you direct access to a lot of restricted websites, which is an additional bonus.

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