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The Ultimate Best 3 Free Scanner Apps for iPhone

The Ultimate Best 3 Free Scanner Apps for iPhone

The iPhone has grown in popularity over the past few years and has now become one of the most widely used mobile devices on the market. People use it for work and study as well. That’s why Apple introduced a facility to scan documents within the File app and Notes app.

However, it may not be handy for many users as it can be accessed only in the File app or Notes app. Nevertheless, there are many free scanner apps available for the iPhone.

Free scanner apps for the iPhone are fast becoming a necessity for most mobile users. Why? As we said, most of us rely more and more on mobile devices to conduct business and stay productive. We now also have more things to protect. The latest free scanner apps for the iPhone make it easy to not only scan important documents but to also convert them to editable formats and more.

This blog is going to give you information on some of the best free scanner apps for the iPhone.


It is compatible with versions of iOS later than 12.0.

This app grants users instant access to a variety of features that are often reserved for premium applications alone. One of the advantages given is the ability to scan and merge files, in addition to gaining access to cloud storage services such as Google Drive. Access may be gained to every one of the advantages mentioned. Nevertheless, the program does add a watermark to scanned documents. You can remove it by opting into its paid program.

You have the ability to scan photographs and documents, and then export them in a variety of formats, including JPG, PDF, and TXT. It is not difficult to include a number of scanned pages into a single document. You are able to recognize text on any scannable item thanks to the inbuilt OCR. Thus, this is the best free scanner app for the iPhone.

Scanner App – PDF Editor

It is compatible with versions of iOS later than 11.0.

Many people who want a free scanner app for the iPhone choose Scanner App-PDF Editor because it has the best tools for converting photos and text to PDF. The powerful PDF converter tool that comes with this software makes it easy to turn photos on your iPhone into PDF files. You can also use your iPhone’s camera to scan an image and save it as a PDF on the phone. Thanks to the development of advanced OCR technology, it has never been easier to scan documents, read those documents, and make PDFs.

With this app, you’ll be able to change JPEG photos into PDF files and save PDF versions of photos to your iPhone. The Scanner App also has the best PDF editor, which lets you make changes to your document before you save it or scan it. You can do this both before and after you publish the document. Any picture or screenshot you take with your iPhone can be turned into a PDF file.

Easy Scanner

It is compatible with iOS 11.0 and subsequent versions.

Do you have a collection of digital photos and want to convert them into a PDF document but do not want the hassle of dealing with the scanning process? If so, Easy Scanner is the perfect tool for you. With this app, you can quickly turn pictures into PDFs that have edge detection and signatures.

This app is one of the most user-friendly iPhone apps for converting JPG files to PDF format. By using this app, you can convert your phone into a portable scanner machine and store any image as a PDF or other format on your device. You may also convert things like paper files, invoices, business cards, and scanned images of documents into PDFs.

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