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8 Free Italian Apps for iPhone

Free Italian Apps for iPhone

Our world is extremely diverse, so it isn’t surprising that every region, every country, and every continent has a bunch of different languages that people speak. If you are currently aiming to learn more about the Italian language and become fluent in it, be assured that multiple apps on your iPhone can help.

For your convenience, we have shortlisted the top Italian apps for iPhone that we think are worth the time.

What are the best apps for iPhone to learn Italian?

Learning a new language is quite a challenging task. There’s a lot that you have to put into the process, especially when it involves the quality of learning. You want to learn the language inside out instead of learning it superficially and forgetting it a few days later.

Following are some of the best Italian apps for iPhone that can help you learn the language.

1.    Rocket Italian

If the name wasn’t a giveaway, Rocket Italian contains everything you could want when it comes to learning a new language like Italian from scratch. What’s great about this app is the fact that it helps you learn everything from scratch. So, if you want to learn the building blocks of Italian and strengthen your foundation, this is where you start.

Since learning a new language is a task in itself, Rocket Italian has downsized its classes into 30-minute bite-sized classes for an easy learning experience.

2.    Babbel

Be assured that Babbel is not a free Italian learning app on iPhone. The only free thing you get with this app is the first lesson, so we thought it was worth a mention. Instead of focusing on the deep-rooted history of learning Italian, Babbel focuses on improving your vocabulary and grammar.

Ideal for beginners and intermediate learners, Babbel has a very in-depth mode of teaching, which you will be appreciative of in the long run. You can try the app for free and check out the first lesson, following which you’d have to pay.

3.    Pimsleur

Again, finding language learning apps for free for iPhone is impossible. That doesn’t mean you can’t include the apps that offer free trials. Pimsleur is one such app where you can register and learn Italian for free for the first seven days of trial, following which it charges a recurring monthly fee.

What’s great and unique about this Italian learning app is that it focuses on improving your Italian pronunciation. So, not only are you learning the words, you learn how to tell them in the correct dialect.

4.    Mondly

If you are a beginner who doesn’t have any idea about Italian, Mondly is your best bet. It allows you to navigate through the entire language without getting stuck in the middle. It brushes up your basics instead of pushing you to learn the complicated parts of the language, which is always highly appreciated.

With Mondly, you can start your learning journey for free because it offers a free trial containing six core lessons, following which you’d be charged for the classes.

5.    MosaLingua

Another popular Italian app for iPhone is Mosa Lingua. Again, this is not a free app but offers a 15-day free trial, which you can utilize to learn the basics of the language and master all that you need to know about the language. 

From videos to flash cards based learning, this app is known for making learning fun and gamified. Also, the paid version of this app is a lot more affordable compared to the others.

6.    Drops

If you are one of those learners that don’t want to pay a dime to learn Italian, Drops is the best option for it. It comes with multiple paid subscriptions but it also has a free version, wherein you can learn Italian for 5 minutes each day.

The app focuses on enriching your knowledge about the different niche-specific Italian vocabulary that you can use in everyday life. The vocab lists are unique on this app.

7.    Lingo Pie

Another app to learn Italian for free on iPhone is Lingo Pie. You get to avail of a 7-days free trial with this app, which can come a lot in handy, especially when you are trying to navigate through the basics of Italian.

It contains a series of entertaining shows on the app that streamline your experience with learning Italian. So, instead of making things boring, you get to learn Italian in a more fun and comprehensive way.

8.    Duolingo

There’s nothing that beats learning the language for free than Duolingo. The app is 100% free but is backed with ads, so that’s something you have to compromise on. But, what’s great is that the lessons are all comprehensive and very diverse, so you won’t have to compromise on your learning experience.

Also, the app has a very clean and minimal UI, which makes navigation a lot easier. All you need to do is download the app, check the availability of the language, and get started with learning it in no time at all. 


These are some of the top free apps for learning Italian on your iPhone. The list might seem small but all of these apps are worth the time and have a rich library of resources that allow you to learn Italian and master it in no time at all. Most of these come with a free trial, so if you don’t want to pay, cancel the subscription before you get charged.

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