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How To Download iOS 16.1 Beta 5?

Download iOS 16.1 Beta 5

update, which is iOS 16.1. The system update is currently in beta 5 and is accessible to the developers.

With the new beta update, iPhone users will now get access to a variety of new features, including improvements to performance, app usage, and overall usability.

According to the reports, iOS 16.1 is expected to release later in October 2022 but Apple hasn’t released any official reports about the same yet.

Currently, iOS 16.1 is in the fifth beta version, meaning that it will come with a variety of amazing features and updates.

What is available with iOS 16.1 Beta 5?

With the iOS 16 launch, several iPhone users have expressed their distaste about certain features and functionalities. But, the issues don’t stop there because Apple has also announced a lot of setbacks with the new update.

The iOS 16.1 is expected to introduce a plethora of new updates to the pre-existing errors and bug issues that were prevalent with the iOS 16 launch.

With the iOS 16.1 beta 5, Apple has introduced a variety of new features, including:

  • Live activities feature allows the users to stay on top of all the current-day happenings, including ongoing sports events, etc.
  • With iOS 16.1, Apple also provides users with an option to be able to delete Apple Wallet. However, deleting the Wallet app will mean that the users won’t be able to access other interconnected features like Apple Pay, Apple Cash, etc.
  • The iOS 16.1 is also expected to come with Matter support. However, beta 4 witnessed the feature taken out of the Settings, so things seem to be in duality at this point.
  • The iOS 16.1 will also come with the iCloud Shared Photo library feature to allow up to six users to come together and collaborate on a particular photo library.
  • The new iOS update and the beta 5 version also introduced the clean energy charging feature to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.

Since iOS 16.1 is currently in beta 5, there are chances that the same will be released pretty soon, preferably by the last week of October 2022.

How can I download iOS 16.1 Beta 5?

Beta 5 of iOS 16.1 is currently available to the registered Apple Beta testing developers. So, if you aren’t registered as a developer with Apple, you won’t be able to download and test it out.

Since the stable version is going to be launched pretty soon, we would recommend that you wait for a week or two for it and then download the stable version. Installing the beta version to your primary iPhone might put the device at risk since it might contain bugs. So, it’s ideal to wait until October 24, 2022, which is when iOS 16.1 is expected to be released.

For further updates about the iOS 16.1 beta 5 and the official release date, keep an eye out on this space.

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