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How To Download HDO Player On iOS Devices

HDO Player iOS

In the decade of OTT content, online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, and more are giving great content. The best part is that all the content is available at home via smartphones and TVs. However, these digital platforms are costly; users are keen to get some apps like HDO on iOS devices.

What is HDO Player iOS App?

HDO Players app was specially designed to offer free content from all these streaming apps, and it allows users to watch all premium content for free. Hence, if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other subscription, HDO Players is the best alternative to enjoy the content for free.

Can I download HDO Player on iPhone?

Initially, HDO Player was available worldwide for Android and iOS users. But due to some issues, Apple removed the app from specific regions. However, the HDO Player iOS version is available in some areas. So if you don’t see HDO Player on your country’s App Store, you can use different Apple IDs from another country to access App Store and download HDO Player on your iOS device.

Step #1: First of all, you have to create a new US-based Apple ID.

Step #2: Once the new ID is ready, log out from the current Apple ID and log in with the new Apple ID.

Step #3: After you have login with the new Apple ID, you can open the App Store and see everything from the US.

Step #4: Search for HDO Player and install it on your iOS device.

What are the HDO Player alternatives?

Note: Even after trying multiple Apple ID logins, if you don’t see HDO Player on the App Store of any other country, you can go with other HDO Player like apps. Check out these alternatives of HDO Player for iOS.

  1. Movies Box
  2. Popcorn.Time: Movie & TV Show
  3. Show Box & TV Movie Hub Cinema
  4. Plex: Movie, TV, Music & More
  5. Roker
  6. Hodly Movies
  7. Soap.2Days
  8. YesMovies-Box & TV Shows

These are some apps like HDO Player for iPhone and iPad users as HDO Player proxy. I hope you liked the article and enjoyed the alternatives. Do you know any other better HDO Player alternatives? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comment box.

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