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Download Complete iOS 16.3 Beta 1 Feature Releases

iOS 16.3 New Features

With the way Apple has been consistently updating its iOS releases, it looks like things aren’t going to settle down any time soon.

Just as the users were recuperating from the release of iOS 16 and iOS 16.1, Apple released iOS 16.2 on December 14, 2022, to the public users. However, despite being one of the most significant iOS updates this year, Apple isn’t settling down any time soon.

Right after releasing iOS 16.2, Apple has already released the iOS 16.3 beta version to the developers on December 15, 2022.

With Apple being so consistent and unpredictable, knowing what kind of features we can expect in the iOS 16.3 update is futile to predict at this point. The Apple Music Sing that came with the iOS 16.2 release was a complete shocker for everyone, so we can expect new features with the iOS 16.3 update too.

What are the new features in iOS 16.3 Beta?

Apple has announced a range of features with the iOS 16 updates but most of them haven’t been included in the final public release yet.

So, there are possibilities that Apple will take inspiration from these and most likely end up updating them with the iOS 16.3 beta launch.

Although no one has a hint about the new features that are available with the first beta of iOS 16.3, reports suggest that there will be the availability of physical security keys for Apple ID. Users will now be able to secure their Apple ID using a FIDO-certified physical key.

When is the release date of iOS 16.3 Beta?

The first installment of the iOS 16.3 beta was released on December 15, 2022. However, with the holidays steadily approaching, there will most likely not be any other update until 2023.

Tech geeks are predicting more releases or updates surrounding the same to be available by mid-January or early February 2023.

How to install the public beta of iOS 16.3?

The currently available beta of iOS 16.3 is a developer beta, which is only accessible to registered developers under Apple’s Developer Beta testing program.

When the iOS 16.3 public beta is available, you can follow the steps mentioned to download it:

  1. Go to the Apple Beta page and click on “Sign Up”
  2. You have to register there using your Apple ID
  3. Log into the Beta Software Program
  4. Under that, tap on “Enroll your iOS Device”
  5. On your iOS device, visit https://beta.apple.com/profile.
  6. Download and then install the configuration profile that comes up
  7. If required, you might have to tweak some settings in your iPhone manually to configure things right
  8. Once done, you should be able to download the beta version under General > Software Update.


With the iOS 16.3 beta version, users are expecting an influx of new features and updates. If you are looking to expand your iPhone’s functionality, chances are that iOS 16.3 will bring forth a series of features and updates that will make that a reality. For more details, we’d have to wait for Apple to release the public beta.

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