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Does Target Take Apple Pay?

Does Target Take Apple Pay

As an honest iPhone user, I started liking Apple’s digital payment method Apple Pay. It is the most secured payment method based on NFC technology. Since the contactless payment started worldwide, many stores, restaurants, gas stations, and many places have started accepting Apple Pay. But still, many users want to know does Targer takes Apple Pay?

We know that Target is one of America’s most popular retail stores with around 1900 locations and 368,000 employees. People love to visit Target to buy clothes, jewelry, groceries, electronics, shoes, beauty products, and multiple products. Since Target has a huge customer base, iPhone and Apple Watch users prefer to pay via Apple Pay.

If you have Apple Pay, you don’t need any credit/debit cards as you can convert your physical Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and other credit/debit cards into a contactless card in Apple Pay and pay with without revealing any personal data.

Does Target Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Target does take Apple Pay with the help of its Target App. You will have to use Target App and then check out with Apple Pay for the final payment.

How To Use Apple Pay to Pay To Target From iPhone

Since Apple uses NFC-based technology to make payments, users can simply hold iPhone over the sale reader. Hold your device until you hear the ping and see the green checkmark on the payment reader or Done on your iPhone’s screen. Before that, you need to unlock your iPhone via Touch ID, Face ID or Passcode.

How To Check Out With Apple Pay On Target App From iPhone

If you are using Target App and want to pay via Apple Pay, then you can check out with Apple Pay from the Target app. Once the shopping cart is ready, tap on the bottom right corner of the shopping cart and then select the Apple Pay button at the bottom right of the screen. Don’t tap on the red Check Out button now; you need to follow the Apple Pay prompt to complete the payment.

Final Words

So this was the full article about how Target accepts the Apple Pay method, and you can use the Target app to pay via Apple Pay. If you see any trouble during the Apple Pay method to Target, feel free to ask us through the comment box.

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