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Does FaceTime Show Up On Phone Bill?

Does FaceTime Show Up On Phone Bill

FaceTime was one of the reasons I bought moved to iOS from Android. It offers the best quality video calling service from iPhone to iPhone. Also, the new iOS 15’s FaceTime upgrades completely changed the way people were using the app as the FaceTime call is possible between iPhone to Android and PC. 

I have seen that many users ask if facetime shows up on phone bill at&t or sprint or tmobile etc. Even when I started using FaceTime video calls, I was also worried about my FaceTime bill. But later I realized that FaceTime call does not affect Phone bill.

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Does FaceTime Show Up On Phone Bill?

No, FaceTime does not show up on phone bill or use your mobile balance. You heard it right. FaceTime won’t eat your pocket money as the service is fully based on an internet connection. All you need is a stable and strong cellular or Wi-Fi connection to make a smooth and high-quality video call. FaceTime call is not like a normal call; it will use only an internet connection.

Many teenagers worried whether FaceBook affect phone bill or not because they are scared of their parent. But the fact is that FaceTime does not play any part in carrier. Of course, it will eat your internet data, but not one will know that you used it for FaceTime.

Even if someone tries to track your FaceTime call log, they can only do it by accessing your iPhone’s call logs or other person’s FaceTime call history. But it is a breach of privacy, and you will always have the option to delete FaceTime calls from the call logs.

I hope you got your answer in this article. We are also working to provide more tips, guides and news about Apple products. Feel free to ask any questions through the comment box.

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