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How to Display Notifications On Top On iOS 16

Display Notifications On Top On iOS 16

Although I have become a fan of the lock screen customization of the iOS 16 update, I hate to see the new notifications on the bottom of the lock screen after the iOS 16 update. Like earlier, I am used to the major notifications on the Top of the lock screen below the clock. Therefore, I moved iOS 16 notifications from bottom to top on my iPhone’s lock screen.

After installing iOS 16 on the iPhone, the default settings of the iOS 16 show the notifications on the bottom of the lock screen instead of Top in list. Ever since the rollout of iOS 16, many users who have installed iOS 16 on their iPhone are disappointed with the bottom notifications and looking for a way to move iOS 16 notifications to the Top. Therefore, you can follow a few steps to display iOS 16 notifications on Top.

How to Move or Display Notifications On Top On iOS 16

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Next, tap on Notifications.
  3. Choose the “List” option under the Display As section.

That’s it.

That was so easy peasy, I guess. After completing the above three steps, you can get back old notifications on iOS 16 to display as on Top. However, if you want to keep the charm of your aesthetic lock screen design, it would be better to keep the notifications on the bottom of the screen instead of the Top.

Alongside the list option, there are other to notification settings in the Display As section-Count and Stack. The default setting will enable the Stack notification on iPhone. But you can also go with the List option to show notifications on top and the Count option to get notifications at the bottom in numbers.


HHead towards to Settings , go to the Notification ,and select “List” under the Display As section to show notifications on the Top on iOS 16. Isn’t it easy? Do share your feedback in the comment box. Feel free to ask for more help via comments.

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