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Discord Keeps Crashing On iOS: How To Fix

Discord Keeps Crashing On iOS

Ever since the mobile gaming industry took the world by storm, many streamers using Discord to talk with friends while playing games. It is the best place to chit-chat over voice, videos and text on communities. Sadly, Discord keeps crashing on iOS devices every five to ten minutes. 

Many iPhone users have been having difficulty using the Discord app on iOS devices for the last two days. According to many users, Discord keeps crashing or randomly closing on iOS. Since numerous users are getting Discord issues on iOS, we have explained a couple of methods to fix the Discord crashing problem on iOS. 

How To Fix Discord Keeps Crashing IOS On iPhone

1.      Check For Update

If the Discord crashing iOS issue is occurring globally, we can expect the official solution from the app developers. Hence, keep an eye on the new Discord update. To check for the update, go to App Store > Tap profile and Check for Discord Update. 

2.      Re-install The App

We checked on Reddit that many users have tried to fix the Discord crashing issue on iOS 15 by reinstalling the Discord app. Hence, you can also try to uninstall the app and again go to the App Store to download the new version of the app. Tap on hold the finger on the Discord app, select Remove App and tap on Delete App. Again go to the App Store and install Discord app. 

3.      Check For iOS Update

Since the iOS 15 is new, and many bugs are happening on the new iOS update, maybe something is wrong with the current iOS version, and the app is conflicting with the current iOS update. Apple is also working to provide new upgrades, so keep your eyes on the new iOS update. Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and install the new iOS update.

4.      Restart The Device

Even after trying all the above methods, none of the above solutions worked then you can also go with restarting your iPhone. Rebooting your iPhone will refresh and restore every setting on the iPhone. It will also help to fix the Discord crashing iOS issue.


Are you facing Discord iOS crashing issue? Have you tried the above solution? Did it work? Do you know any other working solution? Please don’t bother to tell us in the comment box.

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