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How Do I Disable App Library in iOS 14?

Disable App Library in iOS 14

Millions are users around the world going crazy for the new customization feature of the iOS 14 update. The new OS also has the new App Library section, which is the excellent utility function.

I personally liked this new App Library since it allowed me to move some apps from the home screen to App Library to make more space for my favorite home widgets. 

Not everyone is a massive fan of iOS 14’s App Library since some users are found it very annoying. They think that it doesn’t make sense to double store the apps. Of course, you can hide the app from the home screen, but you can still access the app from the App Library. It doesn’t mean that App is hidden. 

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Can I turn off App Library on iOS 14?

If you ask me how to hide App Library from iOS 14, then sadly, no settings are available to remove App Library in iOS 14. Hence, you will have to learn how to deal with it. Well, it is your choice to use App Library or not. As App Library stays on the right edge of the last home screen, you can avoid swiping through that.

Show Apps To Home Screen

To avoid using the App Library on your iOS 14 home screen, you will have to do some iPhone settings. You will have to make sure that all apps are stored on your Phone’s home screen. To do that, open Settings > Home Screen > select Add Home Screen.

Use Spotlight Search 

If you don’t find any app on the home screen and don’t want to use the App Library, then you can use the Spotlight search to find any app from the home screen.

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In my opinion, the App Library needs a bit of work. There should be some customization settings on App Library to rearrange and organize the App Library on iOS 14. 

As many people are demanding the App Library customization settings, we can expect the new settings for App Library in upcoming iOS 14 upgrades. 

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Like App Library, is there any other annoying feature of iOS 14 you want to hide? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.

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  • The App Library is a good idea but Apple fell failed badly with the execution. The App Library only makes sense if you are able to customize the categories and move apps into a category of your choosing. This is especially true if you have many apps. How is anyone to know where Apple decided an app should be been filed without searching or wasting time browsing to find the location. Let the user decide.