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How to design room in Bondee app on iPhone

design room in Bondee app

The recent gaming sensation is Bondee app that has surely reached a milestone by acing top charts on the App Store within weeks of its release. For those who don’t know let me give a quick introduction about Bondee. It is a new social networking platform and is available to download on iOS through App Store only if you are from North and Southern Asia. The Bondee app is everywhere and users are liking its interface but there were some questions about how to design a room. So in this article, I will be answering those questions about how to design a room in Bondee app on iPhone.

What is Bondee app on iPhone?

The Bondee app is a new social networking platform launched on 17th January 2023 where your virtual self may interact with the virtual avatars of your friends. The Bondee platform enables users and their friends to communicate online. The Bondee software is recognized for its customization; users can change the appearance, emotions, interests, and rooms in which their avatars dwell. You and your animated buddies can hang out in a plazalike an area and engage via live messaging and status updates.

How to design room in Bondee app on iPhone?

First, you will need to create an avatar for yourself. After you’ve built your avatar, you’ll be able to construct your own room with a wide range of furniture and accessories such as bookshelves, TVs, desks, sofas, potted plants, musical instruments, and more. The posters, which you can submit your own images for, are probably the most customizable aspect of your Bondee space.

  1. Open the Bondee app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to your profile in the Bondee app.
  3. The room will be visible on the top half screen.
  4. Scroll down to see the entire room section.
  5. From the top, select the Edit option next to the Share icon.
  6. Choose the new empty room cube.
  7. Click on the New option. If you have previously created a room you may click on that existing one.
  8. Now click on use option.
  9. Choose a wall color, a bed, a clock, a sofa, a table, frames, windows, and other personalization options.
  10. To do so you need to click on the icon of sofa, table, frame, etc and then from the variety of options click on the one that pleases you the most.
  11. When the room is ready, tap Done in the top right corner.
  12. That’s it! who knew customization could be this easy?

To conclude:

Adding a new room and customizing it in the Bondee app is aneasy and straightforward process that you can do on your iPhone. Once you’ve customized your area, you can easily share it with friends on social networking networks by clicking the Share button. Users can also set their status, add photographs, and engage in other creative activities within the Bondee app.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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