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How to convert and use your iPhone as the Apple TV remote for free


Apple has loyal customers worldwide and mostly in the US. Whatever it brings out people are definitely going to love it, whether its services or the products. Despite competition in the market, Apple TV is loved by many users around the world and with Apple TV+ streaming service, you can watch movies and TV Shows in HD on your TV. But do you know you can use your iPhone as the remote of your Apple TV? You can use this when you have misplaced your Apple TV remote or you just want an easy system.

You just have to download the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone and you can control your Apple TV. And, it becomes more easy and simple with Home Sharing. But you can do it without requiring Home Sharing as well. You just need to make sure that both of your Apple devices (iPhone and Apple TV) are using different Apple IDs. Here, we shall tell you how to connect your iPhone as an Apple TV remote without Home Sharing and with Home Sharing.

Set up iPhone as an Apple TV Remote (with Home Sharing)

  1. Go to Settings on the Apple TV
  2. Find and select “Accounts” or “Users and Accounts” by scrolling down in the settings.
  3. Now at the bottom of the “Accounts,” you shall find “Home Sharing,” click on it.

Note: While setting up the Apple TV, a user needs to login with his Apple ID and password. Although, if you haven’t set up an account yet then while you click on “Home Sharing,” you will be asked to sign in with your Apple account so just fill the credentials and set it up.

  • Download the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone. It is available for free on the App Store.
  • Once all done, when you open the “Apple TV Remote” app, it shall show you an option to connect to Apple TV. If you are using the same Apple ID account and when you click on “Add Apple TV”, it shall connect automatically using “Home Sharing.”

Set up the iPhone as an Apple TV remote without Home Sharing

How to use the iPhone as an Apple TV remote if they are both using different Apple IDs?

  1. The first thing you have to do is, download the Apple TV Remote app on the iPhone.
  2. When you open the “Apple TV Remote” app, you shall see an option saying “Add Apple TV.”
  3. Now when your Apple TV Shows a 4 digit code enter it in the “Apple TV Remote” app on the iPhone.
  4. Once all done, your iPhone will be connected with your Apple TV as a remote. So this is how you can set up your iPhone as an Apple TV without Home Sharing and different IDs.

How can I use my iPhone as an Apple TV remote?

Basic tips to use your iPhone as an Apple TV remote.

  • Once connected, the screen on the “Apple TV Remote” app will show the Apple TV menu and other buttons similar just like real remote. The Gray space above the menu is the trackpad.
  • You can use the app and just like the standard remote. To move the cursor, slide accordingly on the trackpad shown on the app.
  • To select something on the screen, tap on the center of the trackpad.
  • The most amazing thing about using your iPhone as a remote is that you can use your iPhone to search by typing easily with the iPhone keyboard rather than typing on Apple TV which is a headache and time-consuming.

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