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CarPlay On iOS 15 Has Some Charming Features You Should Know

CarPlay iOS 15

Apple is taking its CarPlay function ahead with the release of iOS 15 this year. If you are already using CarPlay, you would be glad to know that Apple has added some cutting-edge features to make iOS 15’s CarPlay safer and better. 

CarPlay with the help of iOS 15, is like a new artificial intelligence on your car to manage your iPhone. It will help use Announce Messages with Siri, Driving Focus for handling notifications, new wallpapers, and more. Let’s discuss this more in detail. 

What’s new on CarPlay in iOS 15?

1.      New Focus Mode

We already have Do Not Disturb mode to silent unwanted messages and calls. But still, once you enable DND mode, it mutes every call and message even if some of them are important and urgent for you. But new Focus Mode will let you customize DND to allow calls and messages from a specific person or app. It also has a driving focus when you are driving and connected to CarPlay. You can customize it according to your need.

2.      Announce Messages with Siri

Apple’s ‘Announce Message with Siri’ option is already supported on AirPods. But now, this feature is available with iOS 15’s CarPlay. It means that CarPlay has the feature to read your message while driving without sneaking to the iPhone. You can mute this option according to your mood. 

3.      Unlock Car Automatically

Last year, Apple added Carkey with iOS 14. And now, the company is making it even more advanced by adding a new feature to unlock car automatically. Once your iPhone is connected to CarPlay, it will automatically unlock the car. And if you forget your iPhone inside the car, CarPlay won’t let the doors lock until you get the device. This feature will use a new U1 chip to make it work. 

4.      New CarPlay Look

If you love to make a new and colorful screen, CarPlay on iOS 15 has some new wallpapers with similar colors and shapes to make CarPlay aesthetic. 

5.      Accurate Maps

If you often use Maps on CarPlay, then Apple is making it accurate. Maps in CarPlay have been updated with indicating elevation, buildings, trees, and other landmarks, and more signs so that you can drive accordingly and follow the route accurately. It also has the dark mode to go with current weather. 

As we know that iOS 15 is still in beta, we may see more upgrades from the final version in September. Have you tried this new CarPlay with iOS 15? If yes, then don’t share your feedback in the comment box.

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