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Can You Delete or Remove Apps From App Library on iOS 14?

Remove Apps From App Library on iOS 14

Keeping apps organized on iPhone has become very easy for every since the new iOS 14 rolled out. The tech giant added the new App Library section on the iPhone’s last right screen with all your iOS 14 apps in an organized manner. But many users still want to know the way to remove apps from App Library in iOS 14. 

So the answer is No. There is no way to remove, hide, or delete any app from the App Library on iOS 14. 

Based on your app usage, App Library creates a group of apps like Suggestions, Recently added, Social, Utilities, Games, Creativity, Entertainment, Finance, and more. So App Library is the one page where you can find any app with sneaking anywhere on your iPhone. 

While most users are overwhelmed with this new App Library feature, some users get annoyed as they are not used to it. Therefore, they are looking to delete some apps from the App Library on iOS 14 devices. 

App Library feature plays a convenient roll if you want to hide any app from the home screen. You can simply long-press on the app, tap Remove the app, and then Move to App Library. There is also new Home Screen settings in which you can set directly install new apps to the App Library instead of the home screen. 

Can We Remove App Library on iOS 14?

Many people have also asked is there any way to altogether remove App Library from iOS 14. But according to our research, we found no way to hide App Library from the iOS 14 device. So all you have to do is used it and try to ignore the last swipe. 

Neither can delete any apps from the App Library nor remove the App Library section from the iOS 14. As many people are raising questions online for App Library customization, we can expect more customization options from upcoming iOS 14 updates. 

If you are using iOS 14 and have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section directly. 

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