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Can I use MB Whatsapp on iOS?

MB Whatsapp

Looking forward to downloading the MBWhatsapp on your iPhone but have no idea about where to start from? Well, in that case, you have clicked on the rightmost link to find the same. MBWhatsapp is primarily a Whatsapp MOD that allows users to maintain their privacy while enjoying the exquisite chatting experience with their near and dear ones.

New to the tech arena and unsure about the steps? Keep scrolling below and find the step-by-step procedure to get the app now. Customize your experience and enjoy Whatsapp chat like never before.

What is MB Whatsapp?

MB WhatsApp ios are Stephanie’s version of WhatsApp Plus, and it is the only version that supports the WhatsApp iPhone theme. When you install MBWhatsApp, you’ll see that the interfaces and emoticons are identical to those you found on WhatsApp iPhone.

Features of MB Whatsapp

Here’re some of the features that make it worth using.

  • Add reaction to messages

MB Whatsapp allows users to add different reactions to messages. Go to Settings, and click on the MB Preferences. Tap on the Conversation screen and go to the Buble and tickle. Enable massage reaction, you may add emojis to messages like Instagram and Messanger.

  • iPhone-like interface

The best aspect of MBWhatsApp is the interfaces, which are identical to those of the WhatsApp iPhone, except for the conversations, settings, and other interfaces, which are all similar to those of WhatsApp iOS 14.

  • iPhone Emoji

Because MBWhatsApp gets designed to look like an iPhone, the emoticons in MB WhatsApp are identical to those on the iPhone. Go to Settings > MB Preferences > Other settings > Emoji Size to change the size of the emojis.

  • Send Messages to Numbers That are not Save on your phone.

You may send messages to unsaved numbers on MBWhatsApp ios 14 without having to save the numbers to your contacts.

  • MBWhatsApp Statuses

MBWhatsApp ios provide you with numerous alternatives for WhatsApp status. You may create a textual post or trim a long video status. You may also download the post of your pals without their knowledge.

  • Extra features

WhatsApp MB has extra features that aren’t available in regular WhatsApp, such as dark mode and turning off the internet for WhatsApp exclusively.

What is the newest version of MB Whatsapp?

The following is a comprehensive list of new features in MBWhatsApp 9.25.2:

  • Text bomb in status
  • Enable new UI in the camera
  • Option to show the new UI invoice notes
  • Disable reaction in chats
  • Reaction in status
  • Contact status
  • Copy caption in status
  • The back button in the theme section did not work
  • Tabs in the theme section did not work
  • View messages of users in groups
  • Open Hide chats
  • Return to old UI in contact picker
  • Interface in some views
  • Mention in groups
  • App not installed
  • Stories in separate groups
  • SearchBar
  • Other fixes in MBWhatsApp

Step-by-Step Guide To Install MBWhatsapp on iOS

If you’re installing MBWhatsApp for the first time, you’ll need to complete a few basic steps, just like any other WhatsApp MOD. Follow the steps mentioned below and get it installed on your iOS easily.

  •  First of all, make a backup of your conversations. For this, you need to go to Settings, then click on Chats > Backup, then “Save.”
  • After that, uninstall WhatsApp or any modifications you’ve made to the phone number where you’ll be installing MBWhatsApp.
  • Activate the “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources” option as appropriate for your device. Go to Phone Settings > Security to do so.  It will depend on whether you’re installing it as the primary or secondary number. You can download the package or APK you wish to use.
  •  To begin the installation, click on the APK file and follow the on-screen instructions. It includes authenticating the phone number, authorizing rights, restoring a backup, and writing our nick.
  •  When asked how often we want to upload backups to Google Drive once the installation is complete, you should choose never and you are now done.

 If you wish to upgrade MBWhatsApp instead, the procedure is simple. You won’t need to follow the installation stages because it won’t ask for number verification or other things. Download the same package you installed and click to start the installation.


That’s all about it!! Many users desire to download MB WhatsApp for iPhone since WhatsApp for iPhone is different from the authentic or traditional application. It is one of the WhatsApp plus editions that includes a WhatsApp ios theme.

The official app is the only choice that ensures 100 percent communication stability. If you use a MOD, be aware that WhatsApp may check for them on occasion or, in the worst-case scenario, temporarily ban users who use them.

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