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Can I Remove App/Widget Name Or Label from iOS 14 Home Screen?

Remove App Name Or Label from iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 is a gem. It allows me to personalize my iPhone’s home screen completely. Now iOS 14 users can customize the iPhone’s home screen and make it look aesthetic ever. 

Whether you want to change the app icon or add any productive third-party app icons on your iPhone’s home screen, now you can do everything with some tap on your beloved iOS 14 running device. 

 While most people are enjoying the editing and customizing the home screen with some awesome and creative home screen ideas, one thing is bothering a lot of people- the name of the app and widget. 

Whenever you add any widget or replace the app icon, you will also see the name or label underneath it. It bothers a lot of iOS 14 users out there. Users think that this is messing with the entire charm of the iOS 14 home screen. 

That’s why we did some deep digs and come out with the option. As for now, there is no way to hide the widget label or name from the iOS 14 home screen. But there is still a way to hide the app name or app icon on the iPhone home screen. 

While changing the app icon or app icon on iOS 14, Just leave the ‘name of the app’ blank to hide the app name from the iOS 14 home screen. Once you have added the new app icon to the home screen without name, you will only see the new app icon. Even you can sidekick shortcut app delay when you open the new app icon on your iOS 14 home screen.

This is how you can blank the app name underneath the app on the iOS 14 home screen. Try to add more app icons and see how it looks. You can also try to create your own iOS 14 smart stacks widgets of your favourite apps on your beloved iPhone. 

The more time you will spend on customization on iOS 14, the more hidden things you will see and learn. If you know any other hidden gem of iOS 14, please share it with us in the comment section. 

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