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Can I iOS 16 change the clock font size?

Can I iOS 16 change the clock font size

You use your smartphone every single day, and the first thing that you notice on your iPhone is your lock screen before going to your desired application. Don’t you think it is necessary to set a good vibe by making your device’s lock screen more appealing for you to watch?Earlier iPhone users had only a few options from which they had to select their lock screen appearances. But now things have taken a huge leap from where they had started. Apple has given its user the ability to customize lock screens as per their likable with numerous amounts of widgets to choose from.

Since iOS 16 had released lock screen customization has become the main attraction of the whole software update, and users are finding different ways to make their lock screen more desirable and appealing. Many third – party apps have also joined in to give users a flexible option to convert their lock screen into something new. Since we are talking about the lock screen customization, what do you think is the most noticeable widget on the whole screen? I would go with the Clock widget. It comes by default on your lock screen with many other options. Let’s get into more details.

Getting into details regarding the clock widget!

The clock widget according to me is one of the most important things to be shown on the screen, whenever you open your screen the first thing you or anyone would notice is the clock (time) even before they check their notifications. We have lots of waacys that you can customize this widget, so pick one that speaks to you and make it your own!

Can I iOS 16 change the clock font size?

If you ever wished to change the font size on your clock widget, then what I am about to tell you might come in as not so pleasurable news. Apple only allows its users to change the font and the color of their choice, but it has not yet given any feature to change the font size of the clock. Don’t get upset by this instead try playing around by applying different colors to your clock widget and changing the font from time to time.

Is the font size already changed by default on iOS 16?

After the iOS 16 update, many users noticed that the clock / time widget size have increased. Well, that is true. Apple did make the change in the font size of the clock widget. Their main goal was that users should be able to see the time shown on the screen even those with poor eyesight.

How do I change the font and color of the clock?

Looking at the time on your lock screen with the same old boring font, who says it has to stay that way? With the iOS 16 lock screen customization feature you can now choose from a variety of color options and fonts, and even the language in which the time is being displayed.

  1. Make sure that your device is updated to iOS 16.
  2. Unlock your iPhone with a face id or passcode or fingerprint.
  3. Long press the lock screen to get the customization option.
  4. Click on the customize button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap on the clock / time widget.
  6. A pop up will appear from the bottom of the screen showing you the different options of fonts and colors.
  7. In a total of 8 font options given, choose any one of your likings.
  8. Below that you can scroll right to choose the color for your font. You can even create your shade of color.
  9. Tap on the globe icon to choose from the language in which you want the time to be displayed. (Arabic, Arabic Indic, Devnagari).
  10. Click on the cross icon to save the change once done with the customization.
  11. Tap on the Done option at the top right corner of your screen.
  12. Click on the Set as wallpaper pair option. And you are done!

Whether you want a different font, or maybe just want to change its colortheme, no matter what your tastes are there is always something for you to look forward to. We may start anticipating that by the next update Apple would soon give us the option to even change the font size of the clock.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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