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Can I Add TikTok Widget To iOS 14 Home Screen on iPhone?

TikTok widgets to iOS 14

After releasing Apple’s cutting-edge iOS 14 eco-system, iPhone users started exploring their ideas and creativity with aesthetic home screen designs. Initially, there were little widgets to support on iOS 14 home screen, but later many third-party widgets added. 

Within a week of iOS 14 release, thousands of iPhone users stormed the social media platforms with their fantastic home screen designs. But still, they were missing social media widgets on their iPhone. Even we also discussed how it would look when you add Instagram widgets to iOS 14 home screen. 

Unfortunately, there is no Instagram or Facebook widget released yet to iOS 14. But the short video making worldwide popular app “TikTok” recently added the support for iOS 14 home screen widgets.

That’s right! The latest update of the TikTok iOS version allows user to add TikTok widget to iPhone’s home screen running iOS 14. Earlier, Spotify also updated to bring widgets support to iOS 14 devices.

Like every other compatible iOS 14 widgets, TikTok has three widgets: small, medium, and large. You can add the TikTok widget according to your wish.

Once you add the TikTok widgets to iOS 14 home screen, it will show the trending sounds, videos, and hashtags. 

When you add the small TikTok widget to the home screen, it will show the trending sound and views on videos. So you can simply tap on the widget to go to the trending page directly.

The medium-sized TikTok widgets will give you the same trending content and the four small icons to show you as previews on trending videos.

And the larger widgets of the app will give you a larger preview of the trending videos.  

The content on the TikTok widgets will work as if the Plank Challenge is trending. The widget will show the name of the trend #PlankChallenge with the total video in numbers along with three or four previews of those trending videos. 

Normally, you can long-press anywhere on the home screen to start the dancing more, tap on Plus icon the top right corner and then choose TikTok widget from the list.

If you are a huge TikTok fan, you would love to set the TikTok widgets on your iPhone’s home screen to keep updated with the latest TikTok app. If you enjoyed the article, please share your feedback with us through the comment box. Which widgets are you still missing on iOS 14? Please don’t bother to tell us in the comment section. 

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