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Camera Not Working On iOS 14 on iPhone 12: How To Fix It

Camera Not Working ios 14 iphone 12

Everything was fine until Apple releases the latest iOS 14.5. After updating iPhone to the latest iOS version, many igeeks started complaining about the camera issue on iPhone 12 after iOS 14.5 update.

According to some users, the iOS 14.5 camera is not working or not opening. Some say that the iPhone camera screen turns black while using any social media app like FaceTime, Instagram, Facebook, and others. If you are also having a camera issue on iPhone, we will help you fix the problem.

How To Fix Camera Issue On iPhone 12 in iOS 14.5

Solution #1: Close & Reopen The Camera

When many geeks tried to use the camera via social media apps like Instagram or Facebook, it started showing the black screen. But for many users, closing and reopening the apps again is helping to solve the camera problem.

Solution #2: Remove The Case

If you have recently purchased iPhone 12 and installed the cases, then maybe there is something on the cases is blocking the view of the camera. So try to remove the case and use the camera; it will work properly.

Solution #3: Clear The Camera Lens

A good camera geek always keeps the camera clear before taking pictures and recording video.  But when you open the camera and see it blurry and black, maybe the dirt blocks the camera lens. Hence try to clean the camera lens and see if everything is fine.

Solution #3: Reset iPhone Settings

If you have recently updated your iPhone to the latest iOS update, then there are possibilities that the latest update is conflicting with the system when you open the camera. Hence, our next advice is reset the system setting.

Solution #4: Check For Update

Even after trying all the above methods to solve the camera problem on iPhone 12 with iOS 14.5, if you are still getting the camera issue, you can check if a new iOS update is available. As Apple also knows about the camera problem, we can expect an update from Apple to fix the camera issue. Hence, keep your eyes on the iOS update. If any update is still available, then update it to the latest version.


So these were some workarounds that will help to fix the camera problem on your iPhone. If they helped then, please tell me which methods worked? Also, tell me please feel free to share more methods to fix the same issue.  


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