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Aesthetic Calendar Icon For iPhone on iOS 14

calendar icon aesthetic

I always love to keep every note and reminder on my iPhone home screen. Also, I like to set my calendar stylish as I often use it to check my meetings and everyday schedule. Hence, these calendar icon aesthetic are perfect for the iPhone home screen.

This article has gathered every new and innovative calendar aesthetic icons that are free to download for your iPhone home screen. Once you go through this collection, you will have the aesthetic icon calendar on your iOS home screen since we have the full collection of calendar icon aesthetic pink, blue, purple and various colours. Without wasting much time, let’s start the hunting process!

Download Calendar Icon Aesthetic For iPhone Home Screen

Note: To download any app icon, long press and tap on Add To Photos.

Calendar icon aesthetic pink

Calendar icon aesthetic blue

Calendar icon aesthetic purple

Calendar icon aesthetic white & black

Calendar icon aesthetic green

Calendar icon aesthetic yellow

Calendar icon aesthetic red

Calendar icon aesthetic beige

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