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BOE is expected to manufacture OLED panels for iPhone 12 series

BOE, one among the world’s leading display manufacturers of china, has been trying to enter Apple’s supplier list for a few time. It’s just like the company has finally ready to do so with the upcoming iPhone 12 series.

According to a report by RUNTO, a mobile phone industry analysis agency, BOE (the display manufacturing company), has officially passed Apple’s certification test, and now they are about to start supplying OLED panels for iPhone 12 series soon. It expects that the supply of OLED Panels will begin before the end of this month (December 2021).

Earlier this year, before even the iPhone 12 family came to be, a rumor claimed that Apple would deal with BOE to become a 3rd OLED display supplier for the iPhone 12-series. Samsung and LG only remained within the supply chain, with BOE having some issues with the standard control, and the deal was on hold until those issues got solved. Now,  an analyst firm says that BOE has finally received certification and can soon start manufacturing OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone 12 family. The estimate is that Samsung is going to be making about 130 million units in 2021

According to an analyst firm from China, BOE Technology has cleared the roadblocks and will soon begin manufacturing OLED panels for Apple’s new iPhone 12 lineup. The most important share of OLED panels for the iPhone 12 series would be manufactured by Samsung, making about 130 million units next year, followed by Samsung rival LG with 40 million units. Beijing-headquartered BOE would produce 10 million units.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Taiwan-based supplier, Wistron plant in Karnataka, India, was placed on probation after it violated ‘labor laws’ and did not implement work hour management. Reacting to the plant’s violence, the iPhone maker said last week that riot-hit plant’s workers had declared irregular working hours, low paid salaries, and at the assembling, the working conditions are poor and production samples.

Apple hired independent auditors, and Apple employers themselves also are working on researching Wistron’s Narasapura facility issues. While these investigations are ongoing, our fundamental findings indicate violations of our Supplier Code of Conduct by failing to implement proper working hour management processes. This causes payment delays for a few workers in October and November, Apple had said during a statement.

Ming-Chi Kuo said in one of his statements, Apple will launch four new iPhone models in 2021 again like it did a current year, all four devices will support an equivalent size of the display as their making process. With the minimum changes within the display’s dimensions, BOE can appropriately make changes and minimum adjustments to their production line. The report mentions that by 2024, BOE hopes to acquire 40 percent of the worldwide flexible OLED market share, with the remaining portion likely belonging to Samsung. Consistent with the report, with LG Display also expected to supply Apple with iPhone 13 displays, the corporate won’t try to find additional OLED suppliers.

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