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Bitwarden iOS: How to Use it?

Bitwarden iOS

We live in a world where we are wired into using new and old applications and websites to keep ourselves ahead of the game. Be it for social networking platforms or for other websites that involve added layers of security, there are multiple factors at play.

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that enables users to keep track of all their important passwords in one place for easy access. What’s great about Bitwarden for iOS devices is the added layer of security it provides.

This premium password manager is also quite budget-friendly, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of popularity that it has. From strong encryption to two-factor verification, you get to protect your iOS device and accounts using Bitwarden.

This article will explore all the details about Bitwarden, its features, benefits, and even the pricing plans you can avail of for your iOS devices.

What is Bitwarden iOS?

Bitwarden is a premium and high-quality password manager that allows you to sort through and organize all of your passwords in one place on your iOS device. Compared to all the other password managers, Bitwarden is no doubt one of the absolute best options out there.

A few of their features are outdated but you do get access to a variety of more, which makes up for the lack of some. But, what makes Bitwarden the leading option is the budget-friendly pricing plan. Besides the premium plan, the platform has a separate free plan, which works quite effortlessly too.

Why Bitwarden for Password Management?

When it comes to the availability of password management tools, there are a variety of options available online. You have the staple ones like Lastpass and then you have Bitwarden on the other end of the spectrum.

Questioning whether or not it’s worth the time is a fairly common question. You’d be surprised to know that the reason Bitwarden stands out as a leading option is all thanks to the amazing line-up of features, especially focused on security and privacy.

Some of the highlighted features of Bitwarden that deserve special mention are:

1.      256-bit AES encryption

The first and likely most important feature of Bitwarden iOS that keeps your iPhones and iPads secure is their 256-bit AES encryption. This is the same degree of encryption that government organizations use to protect their data.

So, when it comes to organizing and storing your password with Bitwarden, there’s nothing you have to be worried about or ashamed of. Besides its cloud-based storage, Bitwarden also offers local data storage, which is another reason why it has gained so much popularity.

This means that if you aren’t comfortable storing your data in the cloud, you can sort that out with the local data storage options. But, Bitwarden’s servers are pretty tight-knit, which means that you won’t have to worry about the security and privacy factor at all.

2.      Zero-knowledge password manager

Moving on, another important feature that deserves a mention is Bitwarden’s zero-knowledge feature. This means that no company (including Bitwarden) has access to the end-user data that one is storing in their servers.

So, if you are worried that your passwords will be hacked and leaked and your data will be compromised, that’s not something you’d have to worry about when using this password manager. It works effortlessly with iOS devices, which is always a benefit.

But, the only downside is that you have to know the master password you used for the Bitwarden account. If you don’t remember the password or can’t reset that password, you will be locked out of your account and won’t regain access to it.

3.      Password vault

Although many users aren’t very familiar with this, Bitwarden iOS is like a password vault. In this vault, users have complete autonomy to store all the important passwords and other critical information that one needs to keep a check on the process.

Under this feature, the users can store four types of information – logins, identities, credit cards, and secure notes. So, if you have any top-secret data that you want to keep a digital copy of, this is the software that can streamline that process for you.

These are the top three features of Bitwarden iOS that deserve special mention, especially when it comes to keeping all your data secure and out of reach of third-party hackers.

Does Bitwarden iOS Offer Two-Factor Verification?

When it comes to keeping all the information secure and your privacy in check, be assured that the Two-factor verification is a process that you need to be aware of.

Most of the budget-friendly password managers on the internet don’t offer this particular feature. However, the good news is that you won’t have to worry about the same with Bitwarden.

Not only does it offer 2FA, but it also offers an added layer of security that you can make the most out of, especially when it comes to identifying if someone is trying to hack your account.

The different ways in which Bitwarden’s 2FA feature works are:

  • Integration with third-party authenticator apps like Google Authenticator
  • Receive one-time codes via registered email
  • Supports biometric logins incompatible devices
  • Support USB security keys like YubiKey and Duo

These are no doubt some of the most popular ways users can get the most out of Bitwarden’s 2FA feature. Also, keep in mind that the USB security keys are only available for the premium users of this software. So, if you are using the free version of Bitwarden, you won’t be able to use this feature.

How Effective is Bitwarden’s Password Generator?

Now, moving on, another feature that’s very important to note is Bitwarden’s Password Generator. It is multifunctional, highly secure, and perfect for users who have a hard time deciding which password they want to use for their accounts.

Some of the reasons why the password generator is such a hit among users are:

·         Simple and easy

If you aren’t tech-savvy, Bitwarden’s password generator is going to be a walk in the park for you to use. It has a very simple UI, which means that you won’t have to worry about usability at all. With this password generator, users have complete autonomy to generate a completely random password using numbers, letters, and symbols, which is 10x more secure.

Besides passwords, users also have the option to generate usernames for different platforms, if they are needed. This is hands down one of the reasons why Bitwarden has gained the kind of name and popularity that it has. The multifaceted features make this a pretty enticing option to look into.

  • Longer and more complicated passwords

What’s great about Bitwarden’s password generator is the fact that it can generate long and complicated passwords. This might sound daunting at first but having access to such passwords comes in handy in the long run. The passwords can range between 5-128 characters.

So, you get to choose the strength of the password and then set it according to your needs. Also, since you don’t have to remember the password yourself, it’s always great to know that your account is protected using a strong and complicated password.

One downside to Bitwarden’s password generator feature is the lack of automatic login saves. This means that you manually have to save the logins, which can be a pain sometimes. However, overall, the password generator is a pretty great feature that you won’t have any kind of regret using.

Can I use Bitwarden iOS to Send Sensitive Information?

Now, we have discussed all of Bitwarden’s password management features. What about sending sensitive information?

Besides password generator and username generator, Bitwarden also allows users to share sensitive information via their portal. So, if you want to forward some kind of sensitive information via your iPhone, you can do so via Bitwarden.

Since this is quite a new feature, we can’t deny the fact that not many users are aware of the what and why.

  • Simple usage

This particular feature that allows users to send sensitive information via Bitwarden is called “Send”. It works in the dashboard and also in the Chrome extension. Users have complete autonomy to pick and forward sensitive files and documents of up to 500MB on the web version and up to 100MB on mobile. So, if you are using it on your iPhone, the limit is 100MB.

  • Doesn’t need a Bitwarden account

Now, before you get confused, let us clarify. You need a Bitwarden account if you want to send sensitive information. However, the good thing is that the recipient doesn’t need a Bitwarden account to access the information and download it.

  • Save in the vault

If there is a certain part of the sensitive information that you want to safekeep, you can do so in the Bitwarden vault. It works effortlessly and provides the user later access to the information whenever they need access to it.

  • Send to companies and third-party users

Using the “Send” feature on Bitwarden, users can comfortably share important and sensitive information with companies, team members, and even third-party users without jeopardizing the integrity of the documents or the data. There is an option where the data link or URL comes with limited clicks. So, if someone clicks in multiple times, the URL will automatically lock itself.

How is the Password Sharing feature on Bitwarden?

Moving on, the next feature of Bitwarden iOS that deserves special mention is its password-sharing functionality. The password-sharing feature is nothing over the top or too different. It is pretty much identical to all the standard password-sharing features you come across online.

What’s great about password sharing is that you can create a common vault with all the necessary passwords used in a company or organization. From there, what you can do is save all the passwords and the team members will be able to access the individual passwords whenever needed.

This feature is more extensive when you use the Premium version, which means that if you are using Bitwarden’s free version, you will have to forego certain factors and perks. The shared vault concept is also quite promising.

What are the Bitwarden iOS Plans and Pricing?

Reading all these amazing features, it is common to wonder how much the premium plans cost. You have the free plan on Bitwarden, which is great for personal use. However, if you are a company or you have multiple people accessing the passwords, you might have to rely on the Premium plan instead.

There are three tiers in the pricing system – Free, Teams, and Enterprise.

The free plan is free, so you won’t have to pay anything. For teams, you need to pay $3/user per month. For enterprise, you need to pay $5/user per month. The latter is perfect for larger companies that have teams needing consistent access to confidential passwords and sensitive information.

Is Bitwarden Easy to Set Up?

Besides the affordable pricing plans, Bitwarden is also known for its simple and interactive UI. It’s very easy to navigate through and makes it easier for you to find the important passwords organized in one spot.

So, when it comes to the setup, especially for iOS devices, you won’t have to worry about it all. It is designed for beginners and non-tech people, so there are no complicated steps in the installation and set-up process.

The only downside is that importing the passwords to this software is a challenge. To make it easier, we’d recommend you manually enter the accounts and passwords one time and then forget about the rest. Also, when registering on Bitwarden, always keep a check on the master password. In no way can you forget that.


That’s all you need to know about Bitwarden, its features, and its functionalities. If you are an iPhone user and need to keep track of different accounts, this is a platform that takes care of all your needs. We hope this article gives you all the insights you need to know.

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