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Best things to do with the Freeform app on iOS 16

Freeform app on iOS 16.2

Apple has always made an effort to try and give what is best for its users and freeform is one of them. Imagine you are working from home and want to get on a project with your teammates and you want to discuss it, but how will you do it if you don’t have proper space for it? This is where Apple came in and like a hero solved the problem by launching a freeform app which is basically a whiteboard.

Apple had already talked about the freeform app during the WWDC June event, and after much waiting, Apple has finally launched the app with iOS 16.2 software update. Currently, this application is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Let’s talk more about this app, shall we?

What is the freeform?

Freeform is a collaboration application. It is an Apple application designed for collaborative projects that allow users to gather together on one huge whiteboard and develop or brainstorm a number of ideas before putting them together in one big collaborative environment in real time. You may take notes, draw diagrams, and exchange other types of material like as video, web connections, photographs, and PDF files.

Best things to do with the Freeform app on iOS:

  • On a board, you can pinch to zoom in or out, with the zoom level displayed in the bottom – left corner of the screen. There is no limit to how far you can zoom out, so you can add as much on a board as you want or need.
  • If you are on an iPad, you can use an Apple pencil to draw and write on the board. For iPhone users, you have to use their fingers and mac users may use their mouse to write and draw.
  • You can draw on a board, add a sticky note, choose from over 700 different shapes, add a text box, or add a link with a preview, pictures, and documents.
  • You will have around 700 different shapes to select from.Examples: Objects, animals, food, nature, signs, education, arts, science, people, locations, activities, transportation, work, and accessories.
  • You can arrange multiple shapes on top of one another, and can even change the shape size and colour. You can overlap stuff easily and even draw on the shapes.
  • You may import things straight from the Photos or Files apps, or you can even scan a paper into the app.
  • Customization works wonders on this application. You can customize everything that you have added including their shape, size, colour, and fonts.
  • If you ever feel like you are running out of space to draw or write on, simply zoom out a bit from the screen and slide to another direction, this will give you more space.
  • Sticky notes can be added anywhere on the screen and in any colour based on your choices. You will have 7 colours to choose from for your sticky note appearance.
  • Freeform boards may be saved as a PDF document, printed, or saved to applications.
  • Board links can be shared by email, SMS, WhatsApp messages, Instagram DMs, and many others.


Can freeform apps collaborate with Android devices?

Freeform is an exclusive app that can only work with Apple devices just like FaceTime. You cannot collaborate outside Apple’s ecosystem. That means Android users are not able to get the advantage of the freeform app.

Is the freeform app free?

Absolutely yes! Freeform is completely free of charge and there are no extra in app purchases. In fact,you can even install the application for free.

Can you install the freeform app on iOS 16?

In order to use the freeform application, you need to install iOS 16.2 or later. any software update that is below iOS 16.2 does not have this app.

How many people can collaborate on the same board in the freeform app?

According to Apple, you can have up to 100 users at the same time on one board. 100 users can be added to your group project board and they will also be able to edit and write stuff on the board.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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