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25 Best Safari Extensions for iOS 15

Safari Extensions for iOS 15

Not everyone likes to download and install hundreds of individual apps for their varying tasks. Not only are they tedious, but they are also equally unnecessary as they take up a lot of space in the iPhone. That’s where the Safari extensions come into play.

They can be plugged directly into the browser to streamline the usability and the seamless user experience of the users. For iOS 15, you can integrate several useful Safari extensions, each of which is better than the other.

We have managed to narrow down our list with the top 25 Safari extensions for iOS 15 that we think are worth the time, effort, and money (if you are spending any).

Top 25 Safari Extensions for iOS 15

When looking for the best Safari extensions for iOS 15, we wanted to curate a list that is diverse and includes a variety of extensions that are worth the time.

Following are our top 25 picks:

1. AdGuard

If you don’t enjoy pop-up ads on your Safari browser when you are scrolling through, AdGuard is one of the best ways to block out the ads. Individually blocking the ads and the trackers can be tedious. So, installing an AdGuard extension to your Safari can eliminate that issue for good.

There is advanced tracking protection that improves the network speed and also reduces traffic consumption throughout. It also improves battery performance and offers a smoother web surfing experience.

 2. 1Password

With iOS 15, 1Password has become a lot more refined and simplified. With 1Password, users can save all the important passwords under one platform. You can sort out autofill logins, card details, addresses, and even 2FA codes. Having easy access to the same in-page filling becomes a lot simplified too.

It can also organize all the passwords into different categories, which is quite promising as well. They do have a paid version, so you have to be wary of that.

3. Clario

When you are browsing online, security is something that most users are constantly worried about. From identity protection to monitoring possible data breaches, Clario takes care of all the security solutions under one platform. This Safari extension is a public favorite since it encrypts card details and important passwords as well.

Besides the standard security solutions, Clario also works as an ad-blocker when you integrate it into Safari. No longer will you have to worry about the tedious and intrusive pop-up ads that come in. There is a built-in VPN solution too.

4. Honey

If you are an extensive shopper that often indulges in online shopping, Honey is a couponing Safari extension you won’t get tired of using. The software runs through the internet to find you the best deals and discounts that you can apply to your final cart value to avail of some sweet discounts.

The good thing about having this Safari extension integrated is that it auto applies the coupons and discounts. You can also get cashback, which is again a benefit of this extension.

5. Hyperweb

Hyperweb is an all-in-one Safari extension that optimizes your user experience for the better. From aligning your Safari experience to disabling cookies, the app can do a lot more than you can imagine. Also, if there’s something in particular that’s disrupting your user experience, Hyperweb takes care of those issues as well.

If you want to tailor your Safari experience, there are relevant suggestions for those too, which add to the overall benefit. You can add websites, and news sites to make the experience more personalized.

6. Cheep

If the name of the extension wasn’t a giveaway, Cheep helps you get the cheapest deals on flights and travel. The extension works in collaboration with Google flights to bring you access to the cheapest flight deals on the internet. Also, it keeps checking on mistake fares, allowing you to have access to the best flight offers.

Also, the extension can sort out domestic and international flights, making it a lot more diverse than you think and expect. It provides a personalized airline booking experience without snagging a lot of money out of your pocket.

7. Pinterest

This is a platform that doesn’t require a separate introduction. If you visit Pinterest quite a lot and want to maximize its usability, we’d recommend installing the extension. So, the next time you are browsing for something aesthetic, you can save and access it directly on Safari.

The Share sheet extension from Pinterest also works with the Photos app on iOS, further streamlining your overall user experience. You can directly upload the necessary photos and videos using the extension.

8. Card Pointers

Another popular shopper’s dream extension is Card Pointers. Not only does the extension allow you to save money but also fetches you some good cashback, miles, and points on every purchase you make. The website has an auto-fill option, which looks through the website and brings you the best points.

Also, the extension works with over 3000 types of bank cards, so you shouldn’t have to worry about usage and eligibility.

9. Pocket

If you use Pinterest for saving your references for images, décor, etc., Pocket has a very simple approach, except for the fact that it works with news, articles, and web pages. You can find all the relevant items that you wish to save for future reference in one place.

You can save all the items to your Pocket account without needing to exit the Safari app, making it one of the most popular Safari extensions you will come across. The read/refer list in this extension is pretty great too.

10. Mailo

How often do you find it hard to keep track of your read-later list? Happens to the best of us, right? Mailo helps you navigate through that issue and save all the relevant inspiration and to-do list information under one platform. It is specifically designed for iPhones, which is a benefit.

If you come across any important website or data while scrolling on Safari, you can use this extension to directly mail yourself all the relevant details without any hassle at all. It doesn’t have any ads or isn’t intrusive, which is great too.

11. Bring!

This particular app is ideal for individuals who love to explore different recipes on their Safari. When you come across a recipe, saving it is a hassle. Bring! is a Safari extension that streamlines that process and allows you to save the relevant recipes without any hassle.

You can integrate the extension, and every time you come across a recipe, you can tap on the Extension and then save the recipe directly there. Also, there are options where you can segregate and organize all the recipes, which is a bonus too.

12. Momentum

This is a one-stop Safari extension that is quite popular on Google Chrome too. You can personalize your Safari start page, keep track of a to-do list and even eliminate any kinds of distractions that could be preventing you from getting your work done online.

When you open the Safari app, this extension welcomes you with new wallpapers and inspirational messages every day, keeping you motivated and on track. You can also keep up with the weather using this.

13. Mate Translate

If you aren’t getting an extensive language translation experience on Safari, the Mate Translate extension takes care of that hassle for you. It supports over 103 languages and offers easy translation of the web page without any hassle.

You can either translate selected texts or end up translating the entire webpage if that’s something you are looking for. It isn’t a free extension but involves a one-time cost, which justifies the pricing plan.

14. Block Distracting Websites

Just like the name of the extension suggests, Block Distracting Websites allow you to block out any kinds of distractions that could be preventing you from getting your work done. It temporarily blocks the website so you can finish your work without getting side-tracked.

Also, there is a timer, which will only unblock once you have finished the timing. So, it is quite a strict extension and that’s exactly what you need to get through your work without getting sidetracked.

15. Grammarly

If you work on writing projects or want to ensure that your emails are grammatically correct the next time you send them, the Grammarly extension will help you navigate through that issue quite well. The platform has a free version and a premium version that you have to pay for.

Once the extension is installed into your Safari, it can keep track of the grammar you are typing on Google docs, Gmail, or even other websites.

16. Mapper

When you type in any address on Google, the directions often redirect you to Google Maps. However, if you want to use Apple Maps instead, you’d have to manually enter the address in the app. Mapper for Safari is an extension that directly opens the Apple maps when you enter a specific address on Safari.

This auto-redirection to the Apple map is something most iPhone users are very inclined toward and this specific extension helps you achieve that without any hassle.

17. Web Inspector

If you are a developer, Web Inspector is a Safari extension you are going to appreciate. It allows developers to monitor and analyze the backend of a website. From viewing the code to editing it, you can do a lot using this particular extension.

Also, there are specific features that allow the users to manage the JavaScript commands to successfully debug and modify any of the web pages that you have come across.

18. Noir

For the users who prefer the dark mode on Safari over the standard mode, Noir is a Safari extension that helps sort that out. If you have this extension installed, it will automatically enable the Dark mode when you open Safari.

The inverted colors on Safari can be a little different than the rest of your device, so ensure that you keep a check on the same when using this particular extension.

19. Amplosion

AMP web pages are quite popular among mobile users. They are optimized and support seamless navigation. But some users prefer the standard layout of the webpage. If you are one of those people that doesn’t like the AMP web pages, Amplosion is an extension you’d be appreciative of.

Amplosion auto-converts the AMP links into the standard links, allowing you to have seamless navigation. They have a separate Allowlist that enables users to choose which websites should run on the AMP version and which ones shouldn’t.

20. URL to QR

QR codes have become mainstream and are considered one of the best ways to share details with users. If you want to have options to share an URL as a QR code, this particular Safari extension makes that possible.

The extension is pretty simple to use. All that you have to do is run the extension and then generate the QR code for the URL that you wish to share.

21. Vidimote

This particular extension is for the users who watch videos on Safari. With Vidimote, you can get access to different playback controls while you are watching certain videos. There are options to fast forward, jump through the videos or even rewind if needed.

Also, the extension supports HTML5 web video types, so you can use this particular extension to stream on Netflix, Twitch, Dropbox, etc.

22. PiPifier

PiP mode is gaining rapid popularity and rightfully so. It is a 100% free extension, which allows you to run different applications in PiP mode even when you exit it. From YouTube to Vimeo, the extension works with almost every video streaming platform.

When you tap on PiPifier, it will enable the PiP mode and the video will run in the floating window without needing to close any of the videos running in progress.

23. Turn Off the Lights for Safari

This particular extension is another one that allows you to stay focused while you are working or studying. It is also popular when you are streaming videos and don’t want to be interrupted halfway through them. It supports HTML5 video players without any hassle.

Also, the extension works with almost every platform or website without any hassle at all. The extension is entirely free to use, which is another reason why it has gained so much popularity.

24. xSearch

If you wish to switch to Safari’s search engine, the xSearch platform allows you to do that without any hassle. With this extension, you can easily access multiple search engines with a simple tap or shortcut.

Also, there is a separate URL scheme function, which is another reason why you can look into this extension for a smoother Safari experience on your iPhone or Mac.

25. Apollo

Apollo is a very popular Safari extension among Reddit users. Using this extension, you can open any Reddit link on this app. It features customizable features and a very personalized media player, further making it a great extension for the users.

The crisp Safari view controller with this extension also streamlines browsing through the varying article links, making it an even better application that you can navigate through. It does come with a paid version but if you are an avid Reddit user and want to streamline the user experience, the extra few dollars are worth the hassle.


Having access to all of these Safari extensions should streamline your overall user experience. However, if you were confused about which extensions to start with, we hope this list gives you a comprehensive outlook. Start with the relevant and needed extensions that will not just personalize your user experience but also make your workflow easier and more organized. Also, if there are updates for any of the extensions, ensure that you update them as required to maintain their efficiency.

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