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Best iOS 15 Launchers For Android [2023]

iOS 15 Launchers

Apart from the performance, one thing that we look at in our gadgets, especially our phones, is how it looks and the various ways we could customise its feel according to our needs and preferences. iPhone launchers enable us to do exactly that. If you own an Android phone but love the iOS interface,we have good news for you – iOS 15 launchers are in the market. 


iPhone 15 launchers are simply apps that let your android device have the interface that iOS 15 provides. In simple words, you can transform your android device’s interface into an iOS one’s! With iOS 15 launchers you can customise the home screen of your Android phone according to your own preferences just to make it look simply identical to an iPhone’s user interface with iOS 15. It can provide a refreshed look to your phone if you are bored with the Android interface and the default software designs and icons. Notably, these iPhone launchers do not affect the performance of your android in any way, for better or for worse.

Let us have a look at some of the best iOS 15 launchers for Android this year (2021) that are available sans any cost.


Simply one of the best iOS 15 launchers in the market, Launcher iOS 15 instantly changes the entire look of your device by transforming it to an almost iOS 15 identical interface. Unlike other iOS launchers, Launcher iOS 15 actually adds up your device’s performance to give you a powerful and lag-free experience. With amazing iOS 15 like animations, transitions and home screen, now with this launcher you surely get the feel of iOS 15 up and close. What’s best is that just like the redesigned Weather App in iOS 15, you get the live updates and weather forecast of every single day based on your current location!

Launcher iOS 15 has an amazing set of icon packages that lets you personalise the icons as per your preference to provide it a more iPhone like look with a range of options like black and white icons and more. Another feature that comes with Launcher iOS 15 is the App Library.

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The list of best iOS 15 launchers is incomplete without Launcher for iOS 15. This one simply takes the cake with the stunning range of iOS 15 wallpapers it offers along with absolutely amazing themes. With top quality high definition wallpapers and themes, your Android device is sure to get the best iOS makeover. No other launcher would give an “iPhone look” interface as crisp as Launcher for iOS 15.

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iOS 15 Launcher offers the best iOS 15 themes and that too in high definition. The icon package is surely what makes it one of the best iOS 15 launchers as it helps in transforming the home screen just as you personally want while keeping it almost identical to iOS 15.

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So, if you are in search of an iOS 15 launcher, these are the best options available to you and certainly the top three launchers in the market this year.

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