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Best Instant Pot Apps on App Store in 2019

Best Instant Pot Apps on App Store in 2019
Best Instant Pot Apps on App Store in 2019

Instant Pot is a modern pressure cooker which became so much popular in the last three years. People from all around the world are raving for this gadget. Instant Pots are available in different sizes and they possess different features. However, one thing is certain, they can replace the traditional pressure cooker.

Instant Pots can perform tasks of various pressure cookers. Also, Instant pots are able to cook recipes in half the time taken by a regular cooker. Without much ado, here we will provide with some of the best instant pot apps on App Store useful to make recipes.

Best Instant Pot Apps on App Store in 2019

1. Instant Pot app

This is the official app available from the Instant Pot community. The App consists of more than 500+ recipes. Apart from this, there is always a featured recipe which gets highlighted frequently.

Also, the app provides a “New User Tips” article for the new user. Using this app, you will also learn about various useful Insta pot lingos.

2. Mealthy

Mealthy is one of the best app available for Instant Pot owners. The firm also sells its multi-functional pressure cooker known as “MultiPot.” However, you can use your own pressure cooker or Instant Pot for particular recipes.

The app consists of a wide number of categories for recipes which include One Pot or Pan, Ready in 30 Mins, etc. For all people who like to learn via videos, it consists of video recipes. Lastly, the app provides you with step by step details with pictures to make a recipe.

3. CopyMeThat

CopyMeThat is basically a recipe manager. To use this app, you have to compulsory sign in, then only you will be able to use the app. The best thing about the app is, you can view your recipe on any device.

Whenever you come across a recipe on your mac, you can add it using chrome extension. It works as a recipe clipper. Also, the app allows you to make a grocery list.

The app is available for free. However, if you want extra features, then it includes a premium membership, which costs $12.5 a year or $25 lifetime.

In order to get more details about the modern pressure cooker, such as best instant pot in the market, instapot features, essential accessories, etc. click on Insta Pot.

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