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These are the best 6 games on Apple Arcade to play on your iPhone and iPad

best games on the Apple Arcade

Apple has introduced many subscription services this year and they are being loved by the users worldwide. Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ got released in September and at affordable prices, they are offering some good services. Apple’s gaming service Apple Arcade is a brave move to provide a whole dedicated platform to play games. It costs $4.99 for a month and if you opt for a one-year subscription then you get a $10 discount and it comes at $49.99. Apple Arcade has over 100 games developed by some of the biggest names in the industry. So they all are fun and you don’t have to deal “App-in purchase.” Users can try any game without paying extra money.

So you have subscribed to Apple’s gaming service but among all these games which are the best? What are the best games on the Apple Arcade? So we have made a list of some of the top games on the Apple Arcade. You can try these on your iPhone and iPad.

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm takes place in the same fantasy world as the previous game of the series, Oceanhorn. You play as a young ambitious boy who trains very hard in order to become a Knight of Arcadia. The concept of part 2 is set thousand years before the events of the first chapter this one takes you on a magical journey across the vast world of Gaia brimming with mythology and lore. A young knight faces an impossible challenge as a warlock Mesmoroth has returned with the formidable dark army. You won’t be able to take this journey alone.  But you will be joined by the granddaughter of Arcadia’s leader Archimedes named Trin and a mysterious robot wielding an old samurai weapon called Jen and they shall fight at your side against Mesmoroth’s dark army.

Hot Lava

This game is nothing but about imagination and flawless timing. Players put themselves directly into the imagination of a young child. This young child is a massive fan of a 90s style Saturday morning cartoon named The Global Action Team as they liven up their own life by imagining the heroes bounding their way around their everyday life. You take on the role of one of these heroes racing around environments like shops, gems, and parks but all while trying to avoid the floor. You shall enjoy the game as it’s not like a traditional platformer because the path that you must take isn’t always obvious.

LEGO brawls

You can create and customize your own unique Lego characters from a diverse variety of options. Team collaboration will play an important role in this game. As well as players do their best to battle it out across some of the most iconic locations and the classic lego themes including the world of Ninjago. Each stage in the game will bring new challenges, objectives, and power-ups for players to the institute. Since this game is set in the Lego world, players will be using bricks to build epic power-ups, such as a pie launcher, money guns, snake car, jetpacks, and even hotdog stands and use them as weapons.

Shinsekai into the Depths

This game doesn’t include much text or audio and the narrative is basically presented entirely through your interaction with the world. The game tells you the story of the last survivor. The human race is pretty much done for and you just keep dwelling deeper and deeper. In terms of gameplay, the entire experience feels like a console game. There are tons of things you have to keep track of in order to survive in the perilous depths of the ocean from your oxygen reserves to the pressure resistance level of your diving suit.

Sonic Racing

This is a gorgeous arcade racer full of blistering races, mind-bending tracks, and a new idea that makes cooperation fun. You will love the game for its adventure mode. The focus is exactly where it should be. The pure unadulterated speed makes Sonic so iconic. Whether you’re drifting around corners to build up your booster mete, hitting pads as you rock it around tracks, or gliding through a teammate slipstream, Sonic Racing continuously pushes the speed limit. All races on the game are non-stop search for ways to go even faster and the entire team system is built around keeping your group traveling as a single fast-moving unit.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

This game of Apple Arcade says the story of a young woman who experiences devastating heartbreak and in the wake of that discovers a much larger framework to the universe that she must fix it. Player has to control the main woman character as she runs, flies, or drives through a series of levels. Each part of the game is set to a different song that matches the mood of a particular encounter. You are on the rails the entire time reacting to the world around you as zooms past you avoiding obstacles aiming for collectible hearts to rack up points and pressing a button in time to jump to a new platform or attack an enemy.

So these are the top six Apple Arcade games you can try this holiday season. If you have some others in your favorite list then you can suggest our readers in the comment box. Tell us which one do you like the most from our roaster the best Apple Arcade games.

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